Jewel Mash MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Many Moves)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/09/2023
Jewel Mash MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Many Moves)
Name Jewel Mash
Version v1.1.8.3
Size 113MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Many Moves
Support Android 5.0
Category Game, Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Twimler


Jewel Mash Mod – a game with familiar gameplay is very valuable. Addictive style puzzle and jigsaw game by Game Development Studio Twimler. In this game, you start your mysterious pirate adventure by going to a beautiful island. Match 3 or more gems together. Turn through hundreds of unique and interesting levels. If you’re having a hard time trying to get through a level, the game includes powerful power-ups to help you get out of any anxious situations you’re stuck in. Brings you back to win the game. The game has 300 challenging and exciting stages that will keep you entertained for hours.

Download Jewel Mash Mod – Strategy Match 3 Puzzle Game

As mentioned, Jewel Mash is a very attractive hobby game for Android. You can install and run to enter the world of pirates. Ready to fight them to be able to destroy them all. To do this, you must match 3 or more identical gems correctly in different stages of the game to be able to proceed to the next round. You can enjoy this game on both tablets and phones. The game is free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items and extra moves to help you solve those match-ups faster.

Download Jewel Mash Mod

Diverse quest system

In this fascinating and fun Jewel Mash Mod game. You have to go through more than 300 challenging and amazing levels. Complete each level with intense concentration. All kinds of puzzles with jewels and gems in each row or column in front of you. Your task will be to distinguish the same items and remove them. Pirates are hiding in these rocks and gems. So let’s quickly combine the jewels. Get to the end of each level by earning points.

Download Jewel Mash Mod

Discover the puzzle talent in you

If you are already a person with good puzzle skills, you can destroy them in any mode. Make the most of the turns to bring back as many points as possible. In Jewel Mash Mod keeps an eye out for items with more than 3 or items that can generate extra points later. If you pair well, many combos will automatically appear and bring you many points. Players can use support items. Use it wisely. Put in the right place, in the right place, and especially at the right time. It will bring you a lot of points. Believe me, if you put the points in the right position, you will not be disappointed and you will pass the round much easier.

Create Special Combo

Combo for Jewel Mash is not a big deal. But simply special gems or jewelry. Not available in matches, can only be formed by swapping between blocks. Make them equal to four or more, as many as possible make them in a row. To be able to eat them all in one go. When in trouble, players can take advantage of the abilities of those pellets. It can completely change the situation. At one time, it is possible to shoot many lightning bolts that spread throughout the game screen. With some blocks hit they will disappear, instead will appear new types. Scores are also increasing rapidly.

Jewel Mash Mod

No Internet Needed

Game Jewel Mash does not need the internet to be able to experience it. Just download it to be able to enter the game, absolutely no need to pay any other costs. That money can be used for other things, saving a lot of money to sign up for a data package to use. Anywhere can experience, weak or absent waves. Due to external influences or some remote locations, the network has not yet been reached. It will also not affect the player’s ability to experience the game.

Delightful Graphics, Vivid Sound

Jewel Mash Mod attracts players not only because of the gameplay but partly because of the graphics and sound. With pleasant bright colors attract the viewer. Items with various shapes and colors. Although the basic shapes are familiar, when combined with colors, they create a new look. Besides the scoring effect, the booster is lively. Accompanying that is not to mention the playful sound that catches the listener’s ear.

Download Jewel Mash Mod

Join Jewel Mash Mod spoiled for players to try. Entertaining with countless different puzzles that require players to find solutions. Match-3 matches require quick thinking. Make players able to play and learn while improving their intelligence.

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