Jewel Secret Castle: Match 3 Mod APK 1.8.1 (Menu, Boost Bosstitem)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/10/2023
Jewel Secret Castle: Match 3 Mod APK 1.8.1 (Menu, Boost Bosstitem)
Name Jewel Secret Castle: Match 3
Version v1.8.1
Size 43MB
MOD Features Menu, Boost Bosstitem
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Penta Game


If you need a puzzle game that is both entertaining and can stimulate the brain. Then the game genre built on match-3 gameplay is a great choice. Jewel Secret Castle Mod is created and developed by the Penta Game team. It is one of the most worth playing games of this genre. Designed with a lot of different levels of play. Free for players to try, and join the game to test their own abilities. See where your intelligence and intelligence are located. With luxuriously crafted graphics, bearing the image of royalty. The Queen is the supreme ruler. The unique match-3 challenge is made up of gems. Can be considered extremely expensive jewelry, try to own a lot. Can become rich.

Download Jewel Secret Castle Mod – Brain Challenge Find A Way To Earn A Lot Of Gems

To talk about the challenge, almost no game of the same genre can surpass Jewel Secret Castle Mod. Build up the challenge with over 3000 different levels. To be able to experience it all is really difficult. When each level can be considered as a question and the answer will have to depend on the player. Join the game immediately to answer, and find the solution for the match-3 game screen. Created by the developer extremely unique and magnificent. Using a lot of jewelry made from precious gems is extremely expensive. By thinking, find the moves. When attempting to line up blocks containing items of the same type in a straight line. Just equal to or more than 3 will make the row disappear. Of course, there will also be new blocks to fill, but the task is not there.Jewel Secret Castle Mod

Difficulties Increasing

Jewel Secret Castle Mod is built in the puzzle genre. Requires a lot of players when they have to think to find the solution. The challenge is very high. Moreover, the game is also built with many gates. It’s completely normal for the difficulty to increase. Accordingly, players will also need to follow that to improve their abilities. As gradually with each game screen will constantly appear more obstacles. Are blocks created solidly in the middle or anywhere? Make that place can not be eaten, the jewelry when encountered will compete for other positions. As well as getting closer to a number of cells, it takes until there is an impact with a certain number to return to normal. Otherwise, the player cannot move the blocks to each other.Tai Jewel Secret Castle Mod

Create Special Combo

combo for Jewel Secret Castle Mod is not a big deal. But simply special gems or jewelry. Not available in matches, can only be formed by swapping between blocks. Make it four or more four, as many as possible make them in a row. To be able to eat them all in one go. When in trouble, players can take advantage of the abilities of those pellets. It can completely change the situation. At one time, it is possible to shoot many lightning bolts that spread throughout the game screen. With some blocks hit they will disappear, instead will appear new types. Scores are also increasing rapidly.Game Jewel Secret Castle Mod

No Internet Needed

Jewel Secret Castle Mod does not need the internet to be able to experience it. Just download it to be able to enter the game, absolutely no need to pay any other costs. That money can be used for other things, saving a lot of money to sign up for a data package to use. Anywhere can experience, weak or absent waves. Due to external influences or some remote locations, the network has not yet reached. It will also not affect the player’s ability to experience the game.Download Jewel Secret Castle Mod

Join Jewel Secret Castle Mod spoiled for players to try. Entertaining with countless different puzzles that require players to find solutions. Match-3 matches require quick thinking. Making players can play and learn at the same time, improve their intelligence. But the game is also somewhat limited. In order to continue to be able to challenge, it is necessary to have enough Bosstitem. But the problem is that it is very difficult to obtain. Because of the disadvantages in that original version, the new version was built with the ability to increase Bosstitem. Players after entering the game only need to care about the most comfortable experience.

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