Judgment Day Mod APK 1.9.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Judgment Day Mod APK 1.9.1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Judgment Day: Angel of God
Version 1.9.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 142MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Matchingham Games


Judgment Day Mod is judgment day. Created and developed by the Matchingham Games team. Giving players the opportunity to become a god. With the task of interrogating every human at the time of death to make informed decisions. Based on the confession to distinguish right from wrong, play left. See how good each person’s life is. What is evil is shameful to judge. See if that person deserves to go to heaven to be reincarnated or if hell is what should be. Take the appropriate punishment for what you did while you were alive. Join the game, all decision rights will be in the hands of the player. Do your best to get the fairest decisions. To fulfill his purpose, a god always puts justice first.

Download Judgment Day Mod – Become God To Make Judgments With Fairness First

As a human, everyone will have time to go to the afterlife. Must be judged by God, whether worthy of going to heaven or going to hell. This is an inevitability of nature, with birth, there must be death. What matters in life is what people can do. Judgment Day Mod simulates that judgment day when participating players will be in the role of god. Have complete control over everything. The fate of each person after death must stand before the player to be judged. With only two options, go to heaven or go to hell. What is important is that the subject has done good things while still alive, and has honestly declared. Or specialize in killing, harming, and deceiving others. Based on that to make the fairest judgment.Game Judgment Day Mod

Lie Detection Measures

In the world nothing is absolute, wrong judgment can happen, even God is no exception. Don’t talk about the confessions of the bad guys, even murder can do it, let alone lie. There are many people like that, the words are very good, but I don’t know which is the true word. So it is very difficult for players to make a fair judgment. Treat the right people for the right crimes, for the bad people to suffer the retribution and for the good people to be rewarded. Judgment Day Mod is really not easy, the truth is impossible to see with the naked eye. Therefore, the game designed more features that can detect lies. Those who tell lies must surely be punished appropriately.Download Judgment Day Mod

Be Careful In Every Decision

Doing God’s work is not easy. Judgment Day Mod builds a lot of characters to challenge players. With so many human components in real society, there are good and bad. Many situations are built that makes the player completely give up. If you don’t spend time thinking and analyzing every bit, it will be difficult to know the truth. No one wants to go to hell, that’s why there will always be lies. To be able to reduce crime must be alive. It’s perfectly normal to make a wrong judgment. But the most desirable is still to perform the function to avoid making a fair decision. Investigate little by little, trying not to let any evil people get through the gates of hell.Tai Judgment Day Mod

Multiple Objects of Judgment

Every human being must die and certainly will not escape the judgment of God. Judgment Day Mod is like that. Created with many trials, subjects of many different types of people in society. No one is an exception, from ordinary workers, teachers, and doctors to scientists, etc. Even those who have made great contributions to humanity that exist in history must also go through this. There are good people of course there is no shortage of bad people, everyone is at fault, but there are many people who are too serious. Definitely going to hell. And for those who repent, even if there are some bad things, there is absolutely a chance to get to heaven.Judgment Day Mod

Judgment Day Mod has not too outstanding graphics. Simply with a single sky view. It’s like that throughout the game. The only difference is that each challenge is a completely new character introduced. The appearance, as well as the crime, must be different. All in the form of cute and funny chibi drawings. The game features unlimited money mods, players do not need to worry when participating in the game. Because no matter how much you use, buying everything the game is designed for doesn’t detract from the value of money. Even if it’s just a little

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