June’s Journey Mod 3.11.2 (Unlimited Money, Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/05/2024
June’s Journey Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Shopping)
Name June's Journey: Hidden Objects
Version v3.11.2
Size 79MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Wooga


June’s Journey Mod is an adventure-style game. Created and developed by the Wooga team. Offers unique gameplay by designing the adventure into a crime-solving journey. With mysteries waiting for people to discover and find the truth. And players will play the role of a detective when participating in the game experience. Perform assigned tasks to the scene to find the remaining clues. Or hidden objects in many different locations. And of course, the game follows the way of decoding and solving the case, so it requires very high meticulousness. It is necessary to pay close attention to each and everyone, not to miss any mistakes. Try your best to be able to overcome all challenges to reach the final chapter. Towards the title of talented detective.

Download June’s Journey Mod – Trinh Serves All Mysterious Cases Find the Truth

Right from the name June’s Journey Mod, the game revolves around the journey of a girl named June. As a detective who specializes in solving crimes, and uncovering hidden mysteries to the light. And the player will have to help that girl find the truth. With missions designed into cases and all the details forming puzzles. Create excitement for players when trying out the search. Challenge your ability to solve cases when put into different situations. Analyze the scene overview to look for clues to the remaining items. Always remember the answer, there is only one, if you are not very careful, you can make unnecessary mistakes. So be careful in every step, there will always be things to distract us. But even though it’s hard to get to the machine, uncovering the mystery is the detective’s job,Tai June's Journey Mod

Long Journey

By participating in June’s Journey Mod, players will have countless challenges to perform. Those are cases with mysteries to go through. Ask for a proper answer with the truth hidden. And the game will be divided into several chapters, each chapter will lead to a different location. Have the opportunity to travel, and explore many lifestyles in all places. Of course, it will also bring new crime scenes. With new stories, someone needs to find out the truth when participating in the investigation process. Observe the scene to find the clues left behind by the criminal when performing the act. A long journey but will also bring experience to players. When being challenged more with many different methods of crime.Game June's Journey Mod

Looking For Clues

June’s Journey Mod will give you the opportunity to become a detective when the character named June participates in the cases. And of course, to find the answer, it is impossible to tell through the process of looking for clues. It is also something that requires players to get involved when the game designs crime scenes with many objects. Create a cluttered scene with all kinds of scattered objects. And among them will certainly be weapons, items directly related to the case. Of course, the game has also designed a function to help players, when giving suggestions. But it is important to observe the whole scene from there to find that item to lift the curtain. Let the truth come to light.Download June's Journey Mod

Multiple Game Modes

June’s Journey Mod wants to meet the best conditions for players to experience enjoyable. So, I have created many free modes to try. Hidden Objects is the most popular model and also the main challenge when entering the game. Offers five chapters built under various locations. There are stories in each place to discover in each new place. Modern Women offers a journey with a job to save her sister. When entangled in countless mysterious cases need to find answers. There are also Thrilling Puzzles, Travel The World, All–New Episodes, and a Huge cast are also challenges, but each will bring a completely different experience. Why not quickly join the game to explore all the cases, and challenge yourself with many modes.June's Journey Mod

Regarding the gameplay of June’s Journey Mod, there is nothing to argue about. When the manufacturer was too careful to create the best environment for players. The veils cover the truth, challenging the player with carefully hidden clues. Challenging design, find evidence in a variety of messy objects. Make players have difficulty but also create conditions for development. Improve the ability to observe as well as think about things that need a broad view. Make games not only for fun but also for learning.

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