Download Jurassic Survival Mod APK 2.7.1 (Free Crafting) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Jurassic Survival Mod APK 2.7.1 (Free Crafting)
Name Jurassic Survival
Version v2.7.1
Size 88MB
MOD Features Free Craft
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Mishka Production


When coming to Jurassic Survival Mod, players will be transported back to prehistoric times and enter a mysterious island. This is the era of dinosaurs that went extinct thousands of years ago. So you have to find a way to survive in the harsh environment. At first, there will be nothing in hand, only a pair of shorts. At this time, it is necessary to find food and water to be able to survive. Enemies are prehistoric dinosaurs with powerful teeth. Players must dodge or defeat them to survive. You can even survive if you know how to tame dinosaurs. Then, they will accompany you on a long journey, in a world tens of thousands of years ago.

Download Jurassic Survival Mod – Find Every Way to Survive in Prehistoric Times

Jurassic Survival Mod is an action game by Mishka Production. Here, players have to fight and find ways to survive in the wild. Not to mention the dinosaurs, they will appear unexpectedly. It requires the player to be alert and dodge an agile one. In the early stages, you don’t have much experience and combat tools. At this point, all you have to do is hide in the grass to avoid the eyes of the dinosaurs. In addition, the player must quickly find food and water for the character to have more energy to work in the best way. Because to survive in this harsh environment, it takes energy for the character to function. Especially if you are not lucky enough to be discovered by the tyrannosaurs, you will most likely lose your life. At this point, all efforts will be zero. This means starting over.Jurassic Survival Mod

Gathering materials

Your adventure in Jurassic Survival Mod is very safe. Players have to collect materials such as stone, wood, bamboo, etc. Then, they can be crafted to create axes, hammers, or knives. At this point, it is possible to use them as tools and perform different actions. During your search for resources, you will sometimes come across some dinosaurs. You can use your own tools to attack and defeat Jurassic Survival Mod

However, please note that not all dinosaurs can attack. There are some small dinosaurs like Ornitholestes in Jurassic Survival Mod. By attacking and destroying them, you have a chance to earn more money. For some powerful dinosaurs like T-Rex or Tyrannosaurs, it is not advisable to attack them. Instead, find a way to dodge and go undetected. Sometimes want a dinosaur as a companion. Here, lets you do just that. However, the player takes a lot of time. To develop themselves strong enough, there will be a chance to tame them.

Online game mode

Especially in Jurassic Survival Mod players can connect with people through multiplayer mode. Then you can chat with them via the chat feature. Or exchange experiences and goods for things you can’t find. However, be careful with any player. Because not everyone is good. They will attack at any time even taking your life. Then they take everything on the person, including beneficial items. In addition, dexterity is a very important factor for surviving in harsh environments. Over time, it is necessary to refine and improve his skills. This will help you survive and continue to face many challenges and difficulties.tai Jurassic Survival Mod


The graphics of Jurassic Survival Mod are extremely realistic. With colorful 3D space and harsh environment. They will create a lot of excitement for players when participating. During the experience, you can notice the change in weather. For example, sunny weather, rain, or similar effects. In addition, the character moves quite flexibly, you can easily control it. Along with the expanded map, players can move anywhere without being limited by the system. On top of that, you will experience adventures in a difficult environment. Dive into prehistoric times and come face to face with various Jurassic Survival Mod

Overall, the heat of Jurassic Survival Mod is undeniable. It brings a challenging world to the players. Embark on a mysterious island to fight for survival. From there, you can discover many things, especially your best friend’s limit. Taming a dinosaur to have an extra companion. Finding and building a house is indispensable here. When the rain and wind along with the extremely erratic climate will be what hinder the player.

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