Jurassic World Alive Mod 3.5.25 (Menu, VIP/Unlimited Battery/Dart)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Jurassic World Alive Mod {{version}} (Menu, VIP/Unlimited Battery/Dart)
Name Jurassic World Alive
Version v3.5.25
Size 558MB
MOD Features Menu, VIP/Unlimited Battery/Dart
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Ludia Inc.


Jurassic World Alive Mod is a fighting game of extremely special dinosaurs. The fighting genre is nothing too strange for all gamers. You will fight opponents in a single stage of the game. The difference in this fighting game is that you will fight with prehistoric dinosaurs. Accompany ancient warriors with boundless power. A fighting game but also has a very high tactical element that players use to fight. Strength is essential for you to win easily. But with a smart strategy will help you win undefeated against all formidable opponents.

Download Jurassic World Alive Mod – War Between Prehistoric Dinosaur

Jurassic World Alive Mod is a fun entertainment game that gives you a lot of positive energy back. A support tool so you can fully recharge to continue for a long day. Immerse yourself in the classic battles of prehistoric dinosaurs. You will arrange the squad to be as optimal as possible to reach the maximum threshold of power. Along with that are the dinosaurs you own that have different amounts of power and skills. Each type has its own strengths and special damage or defense skills. Victory or defeat will depend a lot on the player’s ability to control the game’s layout.

Download Jurassic World Alive Mod

Easy Gameplay

Jurassic World Alive Mod is a game released for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can join the game more easily than ever. It is a game that is not too difficult for beginners. You will receive instructions to understand the features quickly. The game is suitable for almost all ages. After the first few matches, you will immediately understand how to control the mechanics of the game. From there, develop your own separate squad to suit your playing style. Transform your dinosaur squad into a world champion in style like no other.

Game Jurassic World Alive Mod

Various Game Titles

Jurassic World Alive Mod is a game that has a lot of different elements for you to explore. Outside is a fighting game fighting with opponents. You will be back in prehistoric times, where dinosaurs still lived. There are countless types of dinosaurs that are simulated with morphology that are most similar to the research for you to experience. Dinosaurs that you have never seen can also appear in this game. Try to collect and build as wide a collection of warriors as possible in the game store. You will need to pay a price corresponding to the dinosaurs with terrible power.

Ear Jurassic World Alive Mod

Game Graphics

Jurassic World Alive Mod is a game that uses beautiful 3D graphics to give you an extremely realistic experience. You will be lost in the world of real dinosaurs. With the carefully invested simulation created by the developer. The dinosaurs are designed in an extremely detailed way compared to their true form. Everything is made with care from the smallest things. Bringing you the experience could not be more wonderful. The colors are also faithfully reproduced, with each one having its own distinctive character. There will be main colors showing their characteristic species.

Jurassic World Alive Mod

You will get extremely useful features of the Jurassic World Alive Mod game version. With the unlimited money feature, you can freely do a lot of things you want in this game. You will immediately own all the dinosaurs since you first joined the game. Will help you have many options with the most terrible power right from the start. Making you win easier and faster than ever. No more trying and trying to earn money from quests and victories. You will play the game a lot more gently and happily when participating in this version of the game.

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