Karate King Fighting Games Mod 2.6.3 (Vô Tận Tiền, Mở Key)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Karate King Fighting Games Mod {{version}} (Vô Tận Tiền, Mở Key)
Name Karate King Fighting Games
Version v2.6.3
Size 100MB
MOD Features Endless Money, Unlock Key
Support Android 5.0+
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Fighting Sports


Karate King Fight Mod brings a quite famous kung fu martial art in the world. With a unique fighting style. Since its launch, it has attracted a large number of users around the world. When participating in the game you will become a talented and powerful boxer. The opportunity to participate in large-scale tournaments and compete with players from all over the world. Use all your skills, and combat experience to defeat all opponents and win the championship. However, not everyone can do this, especially newbies. The gameplay gathers hundreds of martial artists, who are talented from around the world. But you cannot estimate the level of each enemy. Only one thing is certain to go to the ring to fight. Then you will know how you have encountered a player.

Download Karate King Fight Mod – Fight to become the World’s No. 1 Boxer

When players join the fight in Karate King Fight Mod for the first time. The system will let you experience the most basic steps. Mainly for guidance and familiarization with the rules. As well as the functions and the full play of the attacks. Over time, many lessons will be learned from the experience. From there, become better and stronger and conquer all championship titles. The system will provide martial arts uniforms, such as shirts, hats, gloves, pillowcases, etc. To help players feel secure and confident when entering the battle.Karate King Fight Mod

On the screen of Karate King Fight Mod, there will be control keys to move the character at will. Including control keys such as forward, backward, punch, and kick, … If you touch the buttons, the character will continuously launch powerful and unique attacks on the opponent. However, the enemy can also do this, even more, powerfully than many times. Therefore, do not subjectively underestimate the enemy. Unleash beautiful skill sets to attack your enemies. As a result, will gain additional resistance and increase damage for the next attack. Each character will have its own HP bar, you have to pay attention and reload it in time if you don’t want to lose too much.

Character system

The first thing you need to do before joining Karate King Fight Mod is to choose a character. The game gathers dozens of talented boxers for players to explore. Each character has different strengths. The system updates the strength of each character in a week. Help players accurately assess their skills and make the right decisions. In particular, you can customize the outfit, skin color, and hair, so that the boxer stands out more in each match. Express your personality, in your own way. However, if you want a more talented character. It is necessary to spend a certain amount. Try to complete all the tasks that the system gives you and collect a lot of rewards.Tai Karate King Fight Mod

Dramatic matches

When participating in the battle of Karate King Fight Mod. Players will be fighting another opponent. Their strength is a mystery so be very careful not to reveal any weakness. Take every opportunity to attack, and gain the upper hand. Move the boxers to continuously dodge the opponent’s damage. As soon as participating, everyone strives to become the champion, so it is advisable to be ready to destroy the opponent. Showing extremely fierce competition, it is not easy to become a winner. Players must overcome many dangers and face terrible punches and kicks. Try your best, and use your best fighting skills to defeat the opponent. Win the championship trophy and top the leaderboard.Game Karate King Fight Mod


Bringing players the most realistic and seamless experience. Karate King Fight Mod is designed by the publisher under sharp 3D graphics. Changing perspective is a new thing that helps you fight better. The map includes many locations that will enrich the player’s experience. Flashy effects appear a little bit each time the character uses a skill. The sound is diverse with the sound of boxers launching moves and whistles of the fans, etc. The vibrant and dramatic background music adds to the fierceness of the match.download Karate King Fight Mod

Overall, Karate King Fight Mod has extremely interesting gameplay. Along with a series of special features. Through fierce matches, players will learn more skills and attacks. It enhances understanding and also improves the best fighting skills. Through intense battles with players around the world. Transform into a talented boxer and defeat all opponents in the brutal arena.

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