KIM KARDASHIAN Mod APK 13.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/10/2023
KIM KARDASHIAN Mod APK 13.6.1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Version v13.6.1
Size 339MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Glu


KIM KARDASHIAN Mod is an adventure-style game. The game was created by the Glu team. Joining the player will be incarnated and have the opportunity to become a great star. On the way to the red carpet, develop a career to turn yourself into an A-list star, the most famous. Enjoy a life that is welcomed by everyone, surrounded by just hoping to keep a little impression. To attend, and enjoy luxurious parties, in a place full of the upper class. Famous influencers, seniors, and seniors in the Hollywood world. Seeing the showbiz world from a different perspective. Watch to see how the lives of celebrities happen along the way to glory.

Download KIM KARDASHIAN Mod – Step Up the Road to Conquer the Red Carpet

There’s no such thing as popularity, it’s a process of trying. KIM KARDASHIAN Mod is a game for everyone to clearly see the path that celebrities have to go through. In the game, players will be playing the role of an anonymous person, the idol KIM KARDASHIAN. Start with the smallest things, and gradually try to change your appearance little by little. Learn how to dress appropriately, and engage in showbiz with many different tasks. Do try your best, and behave in the most reasonable way. Let people see the potential, thereby seeing the capacity to consider more secure jobs. Those are pre-installed NPCs to guide and train players to become famous. Don’t hesitate to interact with them. If you want to quickly become a top star, learn a lot.Download KIM KARDASHIAN Mod

The Road To Glory

To be the most famous person known to everyone. Players need to clearly define what is necessary to do, and what is not good, then quit immediately. KIM KARDASHIAN Mod really needs people who know how to strive. Starting from being a rising star, taking steps to conquer the red carpet. Do not hesitate to participate in big events where there are many famous people. Designed to let players try the feeling of getting to know, and creating relationships with famous people. To learn to progress, towards glory, a position where everyone is respected.KIM KARDASHIAN Mod

Building Models For Characters

KIM KARDASHIAN Mod is a game designed to give players the experience of becoming a celebrity. See how they live, shop, and dress to gain popularity with so many fans. And the player will decide to help the character choose a style to develop his career. There are hundreds of different outfits with countless famous brands. From clothes to accessories, there are all expensive, lavish, and splendid items. Choose and mix clothes to create a special style that can attract everyone’s eyes. Participate in parties, become a representative, and model to promote the image. Walking on the red carpet of Hollywood, the most prestigious place in the worldGame KIM KARDASHIAN Mod

Connect Online

Game KIM KARDASHIAN Mod is really a great choice to play in your spare time. Players don’t just have to hang around finding ways to make their characters famous. It can also connect with many people to experience the same game. Increase the interaction between players together. Help each other in work, a guide to complete assigned tasks quickly. Give each other gifts, and have the opportunity to exchange styles for each other. Together, create characters who achieve achievements to glory.Ear KIM KARDASHIAN Mod

KIM KARDASHIAN Mod has a gameplay that is not too difficult. All have instructions, and suggestions to help players develop their character. But the game is built with the common man looking for a way to be famous. In that process, it will take a lot of time and effort to buy expensive items. Costumes to attend events with many different styles, require a large amount of money to buy. In response, do not let players have to work hard on the mod version that has been created. With the unlimited money feature, ensure a large number of assets to buy the necessary items. Serving for dressing, choosing suitable dishes to coordinate. Make a difference, making everyone who sees it admire and admire.

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