King Of Defense Mod APK 2.0.15 (Unlimited money, unlock heroes)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/12/2023
King Of Defense Mod APK 2.0.15 (Unlimited money, unlock heroes)
Name King Of Defense
Version v2.0.15
Size 115MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, unlock heroes
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers GCenter


King Of Defense Mod is the most famous strategy game today. It is offering a combination of the usual strategic elements in the defense genre. Along with the mysterious “merge” mechanism. Since then, it has taken tactics to a new level, more diverse, and more exciting. In addition, this game takes you into a familiar story. It was a war between the ancient kingdom and the monsters of darkness that lasted for thousands of years. Transform into the commander who holds the destiny of the kingdom. It is necessary to collect the most powerful tower units, soldiers, and heroes to build a defensive barrier. The rewards are valuable loot such as gold coins, character cards, items… Let’s conquer more battles if you save up for great rewards.

Download King Of Defense Mod – Defense Game With Merge Mechanism

King Of Defense Mod will breathe a new life into this defense genre. Although still keeping the usual tactical gameplay, there are some interesting new points. Here introduces combo mechanics to increase the variety of the game. From there, there will be new strategies to build a defense system. But basically, the game still has simple defensive battles. There, the task is to build a defensive formation from powerful units. The enemy is a horde of monsters of all shapes and sizes. They will grow stronger over time and challenge your strength and strategy.King Of Defense Mod

Explore exciting modes

King Of Defense Mod brings interesting modes, no less attractive. Includes Classic, Castle Defense, and above all Campaign. Here they have many similarities. However, each mode comes with its own quest and reward system. So they are all worth exploring and experiencing. Basically, the task in the modes is to defend yourself against enemies from the dark. They will attack in waves with increasing power. After a certain number of waves, a level will be completed. Then you will get rewards for going through each level. Continue units to participate in new battles. With an exciting posture and mood. Everything will happen in the same order, but at a higher level and with enemy strength.King Of Defense Mod

Build defenses and go to war

Starting King Of Defense Mod needs to quickly prepare and build defenses. It is a formation of many towers, units, and heroes. You have the power to decide how to organize and arrange them on the battlefield. Talking about towers and heroes, the game offers 4 different types: Archer, Mage, Warrior, and Assassin. The towers also have similar systems and each system has its own characteristics. To build a tower, simply touch the important dots and select the desired tower type. It is also possible to combine towers together to create more advanced towers. This is a new feature of this game.Game King Of Defense Mod

To summon a hero to the battlefield in King Of Defense Mod. Players need to click on the corresponding card. Each hero has their own skills. They will be upgraded to become more powerful. When leveling up, heroes will have many new skills. The game also has a utility skill system that can be summoned in battle. The task is to combine the hero tower, then the possibility to win is higher. In addition, upgrade each component to strengthen the defense. This is a resolute condition for getting more and more powerful attacks.

Design, sound

King Of Defense Mod has a quite simple 2D graphic style. However, it still captures all the details and shines in tower defense battles. Enjoy sweeping views from the top. Will help you have fairly easy gameplay. Heroes, towers, and monster systems are also described quite neatly and creatively. In addition, the combat effects are also quite vivid. Along with that background music makes the battle more attractive than King Of Defense Mod

In general, King Of Defense Mod is a game that players should experience at least once. It will probably become a favorite tower defense game. This game offers exciting modes with hundreds of missions. Each mission comes with an attractive reward that you desire. Explore them for the best rewards. Along with that, some interesting challenges are waiting for you in this game. Players also have the opportunity to put their names on the leaderboard that many people want.

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