Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod 1.15.07 (Menu, Unlock, Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/02/2024
Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod 1.15.07 (Menu, Unlock, Unlimited Money)
Name Kingdom Rush Vengeance
Version v1.15.07
Size 39MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlock, Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Ironhide Games


Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod is a strategy game. Players have the task of building defenses for their territory. There are more than 10 locations to build defensive towers. You can build different types of turrets in key locations to create a layer of defense. Fight the legions of monsters attacking your castle. In a battle, the longer the time, the larger the number of enemies. You will have to quickly build defenses as quickly as possible. To prevent the next wave of enemy attacks. Also, you can play in competition mode. That is you are competing with different players from all over the world. Compete in world-class arenas. Take the top spot in tower defense strategy gameplay.

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod – Build towers to create an indestructible solid defense

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod is a dark age fantasy world for great strategists. The game takes place in the darkest, most turbulent times of the world. A place where mighty legions of monsters exist. Always looking to invade humanity. In this game, you are not a soldier fighting monsters. You are the leader, building towers to fight fierce enemies. But to build strong towers will cost a lot of money and time. Each type of tower will have different strengths and weaknesses. Suitable for all kinds of tactics you want to use. Make good use of them to create a solid defense. No enemies or monsters can enter your castle. In addition, you can recruit heroes, soldiers, magicians, and goblins,…

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod

Offline and Online game modes

In Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod in Offline game mode, it cannot compete with other players. But you will be participating in the battle against the ancient kingdom of darkness. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually over time. Will make you face many difficulties and challenges in the process of clearing the game. On the game screen, everything is controlled by you. From the selection of troops to the construction of the location of the towers. Each level will have a different map. Force you to change turret positions and defensive tactics flexibly. Initially, you only need a few low-level towers to be able to block the enemy’s attacks. But things won’t be that simple. As time goes on, the next attack will have more enemies and they will be stronger than before.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod

In Online mode in Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Mod you will be competing with other online opponents. Visit the arenas and large-scale tournaments. Use the soldiers as a weapon to attack the opponent. And build towers to defend. That’s what you need to do in a match against another player. Win battles for points. Your position ranking score depends on the score.

Recruit soldiers for the army

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod has an extremely diverse soldier system. Including many different types such as Orcs, elves, soldiers, and witches, … Each type will have different stats such as magic, attack power, health, armor, critical rate, and magic resistance,… The stats of soldiers can be upgraded with money. Or you can unlock their hidden skills. The stronger your troops, the higher your victory rate.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod

In Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod, every time you level up. You can unlock new and stronger turrets or soldiers. At that time, you can create many defensive formations depending on the situation and terrain. Your journey also extends to many locations, from verdant plains to caves, dungeons, deserts, etc. Your enemies are becoming stronger day by day. So you must constantly develop your army and turrets to create an invincible defense.

Graphics and sound system

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod is designed on 3D graphics. Every detail is carefully designed down to every line. The scene of the citadel with many soldiers guarding and the massive tower system is extremely realistic. With a third-person perspective, you can see the entire battle scene. From there give many more great tactics to stop the enemy. In addition, the sound system is no less than the graphics. With very exciting battle sounds that will make you never bored. Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod promises to bring the best experience for you.

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