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By MinhDuc - New update 17/01/2024
Kingdom Wars Mod APK 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money)
Name Kingdom Wars
Version v4.0.2
Size 44.0Mb
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Springcomes


Kingdom Wars is a strategy game about the art of army management, fighting, and defending the city. You will play as a talented king, ruling a large country. One day, hordes of evil monsters have come to attack and invade your kingdom. Before the safety of all the people in the city, you must mobilize the army to protect the city. After you have assembled a large army, discuss with your generals. Make a battle strategy, command the army to attack the monsters to reclaim the lost strongholds. Basically, Kingdom Wars is a typical game for defense gameplay. Your task is to control the general to fight the monsters.

Download Kingdom Wars Mod – Fight to protect the kingdom

Kingdom Wars is not appreciated for image and sound quality. But in return, the game is very light, smooth with simple designs. Characters of soldiers and monsters are quite funny and lovely. Not too heavy on the image, but Kingdom Wars thrives in terms of content and gameplay. Many interesting things will appear in the small details during the game. Many different locations and divided into many levels, the game will take you to the hardest battles. All will be convincing enough to hold back any fastidious gamer.

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Kingdom Wars Mod Main Quest

Monsters come to invade your kingdom in overwhelming numbers. They come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of different moves. Enough to terrify any army with a weak fighting spirit. In the face of their stormy onslaught, you and your army must be resilient to resist the enemy. Your task is to arrange the army, use the troops so that it is reasonable. To defend the stronghold well when they attack, and counterattack immediately when they are exhausted. Your stronghold also has special skills that can attack enemies, but in limited numbers. Calculating and using reasonable skills can win. Those are the tasks that you need to perform.

Game mode

If you wnat to experience challenges in a basic way is to pass the gate. So, you should choose the Battle mode in Kingdom Wars. With more than 400 levels from easy to super difficult, it’s more than enough for you to choose and conquer. Or want to participate in high-level battles, then PvP is your choice. I recommend experiencing the levels in Battle mode first. To practice skills, draw up the most effective strategies for your army. Only then can you defeat your opponent in PvP mode.

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The art of fighting

Kingdom Wars allows you to use more than 200 different types of troops and enemies ready to go to the battlefield. But it depends on whether they are unlocked or not. They are also divided into other categories based on fighting techniques. Like the mighty gladiators, the mysterious magical wizards, archers marksmen with arrows that always hit the target… They will have different advantages and disadvantages depending on how you use them on the battlefield. A basic battle formation will usually be the gladiators at the vanguard. Behind are vulnerable archers but have terrible damage, effectively supporting the swordsmen and gladiators in front. Try to unlock them all to get variety in the tactical squad. Help your army become the most powerful in the world.

With a diverse terrain map system for you to explore freely such as Ancient Desert, Haunted Land, plains or jungle… It is also the battlefield, where your soldiers must fight against monsters. Due to the terrain, the strategy and fighting style will also be different in each match. You have to let your troops practice more, get used to the diverse battlefields. To increase the odds of winning against the confrontations with hordes of evil monsters.

Army Upgrade

Let your army become more durable and strong, enough to overwhelm the enemy on the battlefield. Then the urgent requirement is that you have to upgrade the strength of the soldiers. Because of the later stages, you will meet armies of monsters that are extremely difficult to play. The number of monsters increased day by day, they rushed in, one after the other. Sometimes the whole swarm rushes forward with all kinds of monsters, varying in size. In an urgent situation, you will have to use help such as Thor’s hammer falling from the sky, tornado blowing away monsters. Or generals with special abilities capable of firing thousands of arrows. So to be able to master Kingdom Wars, you must upgrade your army at all costs. Increase damage stats to increase combat ability, increase magic power for witches. Increase the armor penetration of your arrows and increase the range of your archers.

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Kingdom Wars is an epic strategy game from Springcomes game studio. With over 300 allies including 100 unique Limit Break shaped allied units. Giving you the freedom to choose and show off your battlefield strategy. Download Kingdom Wars now to defend your stronghold and attack hordes of daring demons that dare invade your kingdom !

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