Knife Hit Mod APK 1.8.21 (Unlimited Coins)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/01/2024
Knife Hit Mod APK 1.8.21 (Unlimited Coins)
Name Knife Hit
Version v1.8.21
Size 67MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Support Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Ketchapp


You are looking for a game with simple gameplay. Knife Hit Mod created and developed by the Ketchapp team is something that you should try. The game simply revolves around throwing knives. But it is also something that in practice is very difficult to do. When the danger that the game brings is extremely large. Also requires very high technical requirements. In the game, of course, it will be much easier to ensure safety when performing the challenge. Built with countless levels to play. In the middle is a block of wood that is constantly spinning, the task will be to throw all the knives as required. Plug everything into the body as it will be completed. Don’t think it will be simple, the game requires a lot of quickness. Only when grasping the correct opportunity can we definitely pass the game screen.

Download Knife Hit Mod – Show Accurate Knife Skills on Logs

Knife Hit Mod is considered one of the best stress relief games. Because it was built with extremely simple gameplay. Players participating in the game do not need to make too many moves. But simply pressing and pressing can completely complete the task. With the goal of passing countless levels to get to the end. Prove your ability in terms of quick hands and eyes. Each player challenge will be given a certain number of knives. More or less will depend on the difficulty. With a single request, throw all the knives you have onto the spinning log in the center of the screen. Aim to break completely. It sounds easy to say, but getting it done is another matter. Players without a kidney can completely sterilize two knives so the same position.Tie Knife Hit Mod

Various Levels

Knife Hit Mod is simple in gameplay so it makes up for the challenge. The game is built with many different levels. To be able to conquer all takes a whole process. Not to mention the levels near the end, just the beginning is difficult to overcome. A lot of people who were only at the first level had already lost. Just one careless one will cause the two knives to overlap. When the number is designed quite a lot while the space on the log is quite small. There are many challenges, but few can afford to go all the way. At times it was almost like throwing dozens of knives while the target didn’t just rotate in one direction. But uncertain of moving, required to quickly catch the right opportunity to hope to be able to complete.Download Knife Hit Mod

Simple design

Knife Hit Mod does not have too many things. It simply revolves around different challenges. The knife, the log at most the apple, and the score are the only images. Shown on the background with colors that are mixed together to create. It will be almost the same for each level. But there are also some bright spots to attract players. With the Log fully mutable in some challenges, turning into a shield is possible. Not to mention the knife when is designed in a variety of different shapes. The sound, too, is designed with a single track in mind. In addition, there are only some additional noises associated with knife throwing.Knife Hit Mod

Unlock Weapons

Knife Hit Mod is built with a lot of different knife models. With all kinds of genres, the shape is extremely unique. Unlike the default, it’s a simple single-edged sword, like a miniature sword. The game has children like a sword, the colors are extremely colorful. Not to mention the one with a body as small as a nail. Free for players to choose to use as a weapon to conquer challenges. Highlighting the levels makes everything more eye-catching. Although there will be a fee, it can be accumulated if you try to complete the challenge.Game Knife Hit Mod

With the Knife Hit Mod, players will experience an extremely convenient feature. It is an unlimited money Mod, although in this game it will not affect the outcome of the match. But can be used as a substitute for apples to unlock weapons. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to own all kinds of knives. Bringing in each challenge makes everything stand out. With normal to get a knife will need a lot of time and effort. Because only one or two apples appear in the challenge at a time. Not to mention having to throw them and overcome challenges to earn income.

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