KUBOOM 3D Mod 7.53 (Menu, Unlimited money keys, all weapons unlocked, aimbot)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/02/2024
KUBOOM 3D Mod 7.53 (Menu, Unlimited money keys, all weapons unlocked, aimbot)
Version v7.53
Size 57MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money keys, all weapons unlocked, aimbot
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Azur Interactive Games Limited


You love the shooter genre, but there are too many on the market right now. Not sure what to choose. So KUBOOM 3D Mod is one of the options you should try. Unlike most other games of the same genre, the image of a strong warrior is used to depict the harshness. Turn the matches in the game to become bloody and extremely thrilling. The game will bring a new look when designing graphics in the form of lego. Use blocks as materials to build things. Still brings fighting matches. A dangerous war between gunmen, can lose your life as well as cost your life. But the feeling will become new and much more pleasant. Not only does it not cause mental stress, it even feels interesting when participating in the experience.

Download KUBOOM 3D Mod – Show Shooting Skills By Killing All Enemies

KUBOOM 3D Mod is built with special graphics, promising to give players the most comfortable time. Enjoy the dramatic but also extremely interesting gun battles. When the player has the opportunity to become a warrior. Take the shape of funny cartoon characters. There are countless battles created to experience and try. Matches against countless other players around the world. As professional shooters, the stronger the player, the more opportunities he has to improve himself. No matter who the opponent is, when participating in combat with weapons are guns. It is impossible to know anything in advance. Just be careful every step of the way. There are specific plans, knowing the terrain to take advantage of. Combine movement and attack to constantly overwhelm enemies, can also be avoided. Then victory will be easy.Download KUBOOM 3D Mod

Character Customization

KUBOOM 3D Mod character design is quite rigid, there are only a few shapes that are all almost the same. So the game brings another feature to solve the problem. It is created with more than 40 clothes of all kinds, carrying all different designs. Built on many ideas, but all have a warrior’s temperament when worn. Suits with scarves, gloves, and hats even include protective equipment. And completely players can shop and search for the character a suit. When worn, it will change its appearance from beginning to end, it is almost difficult to recognize the same as the original shape. When participating in battles will become more prominent, distinguishing between players.Game KUBOOM 3D Mod

Various Weapons And Skins

KUBOOM 3D Mod has nearly 50 units including a variety of weapons. Certainly the most common and indispensable are the guns that are the main damage items in the game. With all kinds of genres, there are nearly a dozen rifles alone. Other types are not inferior, such as shotguns, submachine guns, or even pistols. Even sniper rifles are in the arsenal. Just waiting for players to join, choose and experience. Use for the right purpose to get unexpected effects. And there is a special point that players should not ignore. The game is designed with more than 100 skins for weapons. Enjoy the challenge of collecting so that the weapon in hand can become special when brought into battle.KUBOOM 3D Mod

Multiple Competition Maps

If building with only a single battlefield will really be very boring. Influence the player’s mood when they have to play over and over in the same place, and experience the same thing. Understanding that, KUBOOM 3D Mod designed more than 20 maps. Give players the option to show off their shooting skills. Each place will have a completely different scene. It can be in abandoned ruins, in the harbor, or in the city. The terrain is also changed accordingly because it is all arranged completely randomly. Everything is created randomly. Making players also will have to explore more, when they have to remember everything to take advantage, it will be easier to defeat the enemy.Ear KUBOOM 3D Mod

KUBOOM 3D Mod brings a very unique shooting genre. Everything is designed in the form of animation. Making players experience not only feeling excited during the intended kill but also feel the fun. But even so, the game also has things to buy if you want to own it. Of course, there should be a loss of money. Due to the variety of creations, there is no shortage of weapons or costumes for the character. So the amount of money that needs to be poured into the red if you want to own it will also become a lot. But with the mod that will be solved. With unlimited money, buying anything becomes free. Because you can’t lose it when you use it.

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