Last Shelter: Survival Mod 2.65.1 (No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/05/2024
Last Shelter: Survival Mod {{version}} (No Ads)
Name Last Shelter: Survival
Version v2.65.1
Size 374MB
MOD Features No Ads
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Long Tech Network Limited


You are a game lover with a survival theme. Last Shelter: Survival Mod is the game I would recommend to you at the moment. But it is not an online survival shooting game. Bringing quite unique and new gameplay. Mainly about construction. In other words, the game has a distinctive style. The Tower defense style combines elements of survival in a post-apocalyptic environment filled with bloodthirsty zombies. The player’s task is to lead the team. To build shelter, and develop a military base to fight and protect people from zombies. Once there, find ways to increase vital resources, build teams, hire people, unlock fortresses, tanks… Do whatever it takes to survive, you are the hope of mankind.

Download Last Shelter: Survival Mod – Fight To The Last Moment

The survival theme is considered the most attractive on mobile today. Last Shelter: Survival Mod brings the best battles to test strategic skills. As a commander in this period of survival. Fight against the mighty zombie army, defend and defend your abode from bloodthirsty maniacs. Do not hesitate to launch the best strategies, fortresses, and strongest tanks for the survival and development of all mankind. Here come the surprise attacks of ghost sightings. Create surprises at each level. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant at all times, always ready to take the initiative. Build and find resources to fight and Last Shelter Survival Mod

Rebuild the city

The context of Last Shelter: Survival Mod is very cruel. Humans have to live with the plague. Everyone quickly exited to board the plane and move to another location. A handful of people in that crowd took the last flight. And now you take on the responsibility of restoring human civilization. Lead this remaining crowd and do your best to build and grow into a prosperous city like before. Ensure the needs of all residents and above all protect everyone’s life.Last Shelter Survival Mod

First, look for essential resources in Last Shelter: Survival Mod. Equip a lot of food, water, fuel, electricity, iron… For the character to be able to find and use. Each type of resource is useful for many different needs, ensuring the survival and development of the settlement. Important resources such as iron, electricity, and other tools are needed to build underground shelters. It resembles a box-shaped bunker made up of many rectangular areas. Here, dividing each area ensures its own function. Such as health, scientific research, training, rest, and even entertainment… Divide into groups of people to find suitable resources. Attract many other survivors to get stronger day by day.

Fight and defend against zombies

Besides building in Last Shelter: Survival Mod. Also fight against zombies to save a life. For many key units in many places. The special task of defense against enemies and attacks of zombies. The army will consist of three main units: fortress, vehicle, and warrior. Among them, the fortress is the most important because it has destructive power. Set up fortresses around the shelter and continuously improve cannons to increase defense power. Then the other forces are equally important. Each vehicle is accompanied by weapons such as guns, cannons… Besides, humans will be the largest force in this war. Give the right path to win the final victory.Game Last Shelter Survival Mod

Realistic graphics, impressive effects

Unlike many survival games today, Last Shelter: Survival Mod is designed with 2D graphics. However, it still vividly recreates the context of the human world being raged by a pandemic. The gloomy direction, combined with the classic design style further emphasizes the difficulty of people in the post-apocalyptic context. In addition, the image is quite realistic and sharp. Set the focal point for the zombie attacks to break out. They are an important part of making the survival experience honest and intuitive.Last Shelter Survival Mod

Overall, Last Shelter: Survival Mod will be an interesting choice. Let players experience a new sense of survival. Instead of focusing on combat elements, the game requires a lot of strategic skill. It is necessary to think about the plan for the construction and development of the settlement, train the army, and organize the armed forces to fight the zombies. Along with that, there are many other interesting things waiting for you to participate. What are you waiting for, let’s explore the mysteries behind us right now?

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