League of Stickman Mod APK 6.1.6 (Unlimited money, coins, gems, no cooldown)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/10/2023
League of Stickman Mod APK 6.1.6 (Unlimited money, coins, gems, no cooldown)
Name League of Stickman
Version v6.1.6
Size 135MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, coins, gems, no cooldown
Support Android 4.0.3+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers DreamSky


League of Stickman Mod is also one of the extremely attractive fighting action games. Developed and published by the legendary game maker DreamSky. As an action game with many combat weapons, the game does not have too much violence. Players enter the character named Stickman to destroy the monsters. If you’ve played the game League of Legends for a while, you will surely catch up with this game very quickly. Beautiful effects and destroyed monsters. Along with that is the lively sound that brings the feeling of blood and excitement. Try to fight as hard as you can destroy the opponents to win.

Download League of Stickman Mod – Fighting action to destroy monsters

With 6 equipment positions for each rank, quickly prepare your weapons and equipment for battle. You can freely choose the equipment without any obligation. It is also the interesting thing that has attracted a lot of League of Stickman Mod players. Uncompromising wars will break out. Be strong and brave to face extremely powerful enemies. Unlike the extremely brutal boss, one of his attacks is so big that you can do a lot of damage.

With the gameplay of fighting monsters is not complicated, but practice a lot to increase your sensitivity when playing. Kill or be killed is the motto of this game. No tolerance for any enemy. Kill quickly, then collect a large amount of coins when you kill monsters. That coin is used to upgrade your character to become stronger and more bloody.

Download League of Stickman MOD

Diverse game modes

If you think League of Stickman is just a boring zombie killing game, you are wrong. The publisher has released 5 very special game modes. Each game mode has its own experience and fun. You can play to complete missions, fight bosses online or even climb rank. In online mode you can connect with other friends it’s like a social network to play. Ranking mode so you can fight and try to get to the top. In Campaign mode, players can choose to add 3 levels such as normal, elite, Abyss, and Nightmare. Each mode will have different interesting points. Download League of Stickman Mod and experience each challenge one by one.

Hero fighting

In addition to the variety and richness of game modes. League of Stickman Mod also has many characters with different powers. Players will fight and unlock each hero character. How? Use the gold and diamonds you get from killing monsters to buy characters. With the maxim that: pay a lot of money, the quality of the item is commensurate. Good generals have super strength you have to spend a large amount of gold or diamonds. Try to complete the missions well to collect  many diamonds to upgrade the character. In addition, you can also get diamonds by diligently watching small ads.

Tải League of Stickman MOD

Equip weapons – items

Besides the powerful cast of characters, there is a huge arsenal of weapons in League of Stickman Mod. Weapons and items will make the character look cooler. Especially promoting the power to increase the ability to win. Each character will require different equipment, you should equip the right weapon and item to promote the power at the highest level. You need to collect a lot of weapons, shields, .. to be able to use for the characters. Take care of parameters such as: strength, hp, damage, exp, defense. Because it is what speaks of the hero’s fighting ability. The higher the level of a weapon or item, the stronger your character is.

A climactic battle drawn in an extremely realistic way. Satisfied in the midst of the legendary hero’s battle. All will be in League of Stickman Mod for you to experience.

Game League of Stickman MOD

Excellent sound graphics

For the game to have an attraction, the graphics are an extremely important thing. Taking black as the main color creates a gloomy feeling when playing. The color effects, the weapons like glowing make the battle space more fanciful. Besides, the effects and accompanying sounds create an extremely perfect game. Download League of Stickman with feature unlimited money mod and many other useful functions to support you very well. The gameplay becomes easy, your heroes will have more power to destroy the hordes of brutal monsters out there. What are you waiting for, let’s not start a battle right away !

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