Legend of Slime MOD 2.12.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, Free shopping, Immortality)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/05/2024
Legend of Slime MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, Free shopping, Immortality)
Name Legend of Slime
Version v2.12.0
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, Free shopping, Immortality
Support Android 5.1
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers LoadComplete


Legend of Slime is an idle adventure game. Revolving around the journey of a Slime creature. To carry out the task of protecting the forest from human attack. Accordingly, the content of the game takes place according to an interesting story. Combine simple, power-up style gameplay to overcome tough challenges. The mission system is diverse, taking place according to each level of play. In addition to fighting the humans, you also have to collect resources. Because they are the main element used to upgrade Slime power. At the same time through the process of playing will enjoy bright graphics. Recreate the setting and environment in a living space. Bringing you a very interesting idle battle journey.

Download Legend of Slime Mod – Stop Humans from Destroying the Beautiful Forest

Learn about the story of the Legend of Slime game. Set in a beautiful primeval forest. But at the hands of humans, this place has been destroyed. They invaded the forest and took away natural resources. Make the peace of creatures threatened. To stop humans and protect their forests. The Slime creature had to embark on a battle journey. Because only by defeating all those who conspire to invade the forest can it be prevented. Accordingly opens a challenging adventure. There will be a lot of tough battles. Cross the long way in the forest. Simultaneously defeat all humans encountered. Only then can the goal of keeping the forest peaceful.

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Missions according to game levels

Experience the game Legend of Slime in offline mode. With the mission unfolding according to the story of the game. Battles against humans will be replayed at each level. Accompany the Slime to keep moving forward. Overcoming the stages with the appearance of humans. Accordingly, each level is divided into different stages. Conquer each challenge, in turn, to advance to the final stage of a mission. Then you will have to fight the boss of the human race. After defeating the boss will complete a level of play. The reward received will be through the process of fighting. Instead of getting a certain reward for each level after completing it. That will get you an upgrade at any time to improve your ability.

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The difficulty is increasing day by day, against the boss

The challenge in Legend of Slime Mod will constantly increase. Especially after each start of a new level. The difficulty encountered will put the Slime creature in danger. Because the number of people destroying the forest will increase more. At the same time, they are equipped with weapons for superior attack. As well as the journey will take place in many stages. Especially in the final stage match. Boss appeared with strong fighting ability. At the same time possessing a large size and huge amount of blood. When fighting the boss in that fierce competition. You also have to follow the rules of the game. That is for a limited time, it is necessary to defeat the boss in order to win. This will add to the challenge that makes it difficult for you to overcome.

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Upgrade stats

Gold coins will drop after defeating humans in the battle of ver Legend of Slime. Need to collect them to be able to upgrade. Enhance the power of the Slime creature through various stats. Includes damage, max health, healing time, attack speed, and attack rate. Each indicator plays an important role in protecting the forest. To be able to fight better and defeat the boss in the next levels. It is necessary to constantly upgrade the level of the stats. From there, strengthen the Slime creature to overcome all difficulties. However, it should be noted after each upgrade. The amount to use in the next upgrade will increase even more. Upgrading all the stats will cost a huge amount of money.

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From the journey in Legend of Slime Mod. To be able to protect the forest from destructive humans. Need to recruit more teammates to fight them together. Accordingly, it is possible to recruit a chicken capable of throwing eggs to attack. A snail can touch human actions. Or a cat will rush to attack. Each animal when recruited to the team of Slime creatures will bring a unique style. Besides, it can also be combined with upgrading equipment and items. Help the power of the beasts become more and more superior.

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