Download Legendary Heroes Mod 3.4.31 (Unlimited Gold Coins, Diamonds) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 23/02/2024
Legendary Heroes Mod 3.4.31 (Unlimited Gold Coins, Diamonds)
Name Legendary Heroes
Version v3.4.31
Size 103MB
MOD Features Unlimited Gold Coins, Diamonds
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Solaris Mobile


Legendary Heroes Mod is offline role-playing, strategy game. Surely players are no longer too familiar with popular Moba games. Here is everything you need to experience. With gameplay similar to other games on the market. But it’s easier and there is no PvP mode. Even without an internet connection, it is possible to start the war at any time. The game has strategic elements and high requirements. Should be demanding on your skills and experience. Play as legendary generals and rule the battlefield yourself. Smooth touch controls, and eye-catching combat effects. This variety makes the experience all the more engaging. Do not hesitate to join the fight and show your strength.

Download Legendary Heroes Mod – Classic Strategy Gameplay

Although not comparable to many other successful Moba games. But Legendary Heroes Mod still has its own charm. Bringing the best battles in fantasy RPG gameplay. This place gathers many heroes from all over the world. Will be challenged by battles that require great strategy and skill. If you wipe out your opponent, you have the opportunity to explore the fantasy world of many maps. Includes enemies and hidden sources of power. In addition, this game also impresses with the classic 3D graphic style. Everything is depicted realistically and vividly from a top-down perspective. Especially, each match here only lasts a few minutes, so it is possible to start and end it in a short time. Without worrying about giving up the battle like other games of the same type.Legendary Heroes Mod

Battles in the campaign

Legendary Heroes Mod brings thrilling battles to suffocation. This includes modes exclusively for players to explore. As is the campaign mode there are dense level systems with main quests and some side quests. At each level, can choose his card. Each map has a specific character as an opponent in battle. After choosing the mode and map, you can immediately join the Moba combat. Your goal is to destroy all of your opponent’s towers to win. Meanwhile, also have to defend your tower and base. In particular, you can only fight up to 3 heroes controlled by yourself. Take turns fighting one of them. Each hero has its own ability. So it is necessary to choose the right heroes before joining the battle.Game Legendary Heroes Mod

On the battlefield, Legendary Heroes Mod needs to move wisely and rationally. Just click on the screen to indicate the direction to move and click skills to attack. Each hero has 3 main skills and each skill requires a cooldown. You must combine skill cards flexibly and quickly to defeat the enemy. In addition to the three heroes, there are additional mini-soldier units. They will help you block attacks and further assist in attacks. When entering enemy towers, turrets shoot minions first instead of heroes. Use this when you want to attack the tower.

Diverse hero system

Legendary Heroes Mod has a unique hero system. Get character designs from ancient gods and warriors. Heroes are divided into popular classes such as Swordsman, Warrior, Archer, Mage, Support… The heroic class will have its own characteristics. Archers and Mage are ranged heroes and deal high damage. While Warriors and Swordsmen are melee heroes, dealing medium damage but with great resistance. Supporters are those who have the ability to heal teammates. Your job is to combine them wisely to gain an advantage on the battlefield.Legendary Heroes Mod

Realistic and sharp 3D graphics

The battles in Legendary Heroes Mod are vividly simulated on 3D graphics. Make the heroes stand out. From appearance to skills. The combat effects are extremely vivid and intuitive. Make the battles more intense. In addition, the battlefield context is also carefully designed and changes flexibly depending on the type of map. The moves, skills, and movements are also quite fluid, giving a real immersive feeling.Download Legendary Heroes Mod

If you are looking for a lighthearted Moba game. Then Legendary Heroes Mod is a game that should be experienced even once. It offers full-fledged battles, with role-playing elements and a clear strategy. Get ready to join the heroes, and enter the arena where mighty enemies await you. Along with hundreds of quests for you to explore every day.

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