Lily Diary Mod 1.7.2 (Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 11/03/2024
Lily Diary Mod 1.7.2 (Free Shopping)
Name Lily Diary
Version v1.7.2
Size 101MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers SeyeonSoft


Lily Diary Mod was created and developed by the SeyeonSoft team. Bring a game related to fashion design. A place for enthusiasts of this genre to satisfy their passions. In reality, very few people are qualified to do it. By the requirements that the game offers for the purpose of challenging players. Add a little pressure to make things more interesting and stimulating. When the game was built with a lot of different tools. The models of costumes and accessories have been designed in all genres. Just waiting for players to join the challenge, and choose the items based on their liking. Or follow a bold creative thought to dress up the character beautifully. Brings many different styles that make people dazzled when witnessing.

Download Lily Diary Mod – To Satisfy Your Passion for Design Create Beautiful Avatars

Lily Diary Mod is built on the field of makeup a little more in terms of design. Where players will be exposed and have the opportunity to learn about fashion. When it comes to this genre, people often think and think that this is a game only for girls. Not so, anyone can try their hand at a certain field. Even the makeup work is the same, as long as it’s a passion, don’t be afraid to experience it. The game was created by the developer for that very purpose. With a lot of built-in features where players can freely choose and edit. Put the costumes on for lily. Constantly coming up with new ideas from a huge pile of pre-designed outfits. Mix and match each type together until you create new styles. Make the girl gorgeous.Game Lily Diary Mod

Variety of Outfits and Accessories

What makes the game Lily Diary Mod stand out is the volume of costumes and accessories that have been designed. With such a huge inventory, I don’t know how many items are to come. If you calculate it roughly, it can reach about 1000 and still be continuously updated. In order to serve players with the best experience, they are free to create. Divided into many different types with all styles. The skirt alone has up to the axis machine, the skirt is full, and the skirt is full. Clothing is even more terrible, not only for women but also for men. From short to long, from wide to tight. The material or color for each type is also different. The accessories that come with it are also impossible to count. Small, beautiful, and lovely like earrings, and necklaces. A little older, there are ties, hats, bows, …Download Lily Diary Mod

Many Beautiful Backgrounds

The special feature of Lily Diary Mod is not only that. In addition to a huge inventory of costumes for players to choose from, they can be creative. The game also has a lot of backgrounds created by developers. Used as a background for the character when designing or creating avatars. Not something too fancy, just an array of colors. Usually pink or light blue with a very pleasant look. Embellished, so above are some pretty little pictures. It can be in dots spread all over or in the shape of a teddy bear. Tiny hearts, notebooks, and notebooks are placed close together to form small groups.Lily Diary Mod

Share with everyone

It can be seen that Lily Diary Mod is very simple. But there is a very special feature that players cannot ignore. It’s got to be online. Entirely created works can be put on exhibition for all to see. Or at least friends and family members. By saving, and sharing on famous social networking sites. Like Facebook, zalo, Instagram, or even Twitter. Just being followers can see and give reviews. Players can also receive comments from here to constantly improve themselves.Ear Lily Diary Mod

By joining Lily Diary Mod, players can see a huge inventory of a variety of costumes and accessories. Or background used for decoration. But to be able to use it, it is necessary to spend money to buy, not free. With so much, almost owning everything is a difficult problem. But if it is lacking, it will hinder the creativity and design of the player. When there are so many things you want to do, but can’t afford it. Know the difficulty that a new version is created. There is a free shopping mod feature, spoiled for players to choose the items they like.

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