Little Big Snake MOD 2.6.91 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, VIP Unlocked, Skins, Drone View)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/02/2024
Little Big Snake MOD 2.6.91 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, VIP Unlocked, Skins, Drone View)
Name Little Big Snake
Version v2.6.91
Size 106MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, VIP Unlocked, Skins, Drone View
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers LittleBIGsnake


Surely users are not too familiar with snake games on mobile platforms anymore. But with Little Big Snake , it is completely different from predatory snake games. Currently still popular outside the market. Is a type of game that was born a long time ago about 20 to 30 years ago. Today with the development of modern information technology. Then it has been improved and appeared a lot on the market. Publisher LittleBIGsnake has excelled in development. And improve the game genres that have been familiar to users for a long time. Are you curious how it will improve? Is the performance and gameplay the same as before? If you’re curious, let’s explore it together.

Download Little Big Snake Mod – The Great War of Snakes

You probably remember the game Little Big Snake. Snake hunting on a black and white mobile phone. It can be an unforgettable game for the early 9x and 2x generations. With the current 4.0 era, there have been a lot of new game genres and disciplines, but it is too much and makes users bored with such games. Understanding this, publisher LittleBIGsnake has taken childhood games to improve and perfect them to give users a feeling of returning to that time but still bringing modern features today. Users must know that very few developers dare to improve on ancient games like this, partly because it is old or a group of users is bored with the old game.

Little Big Snake Mod

Play style

Little Big Snake is a game style extremely simple and very familiar. Playing the game is both easy and reminiscent of old memories. So who doesn’t want to play? Still with the gameplay like a normal snake. But improved modern and more colorful, you will surely be attracted by this game. It seems a bit difficult at first because I’m not used to it. And there are many bigger snakes waiting for you. Grow up fast and go for food everywhere. Then you will roll all the opponents and handle them quickly. However, if you do not roll and butcher the snakes smaller than you. Then you will surely be the food of other snakes. Especially, you can play with your friends and relatives. Let’s handle all the baby snakes together and win.

Little Big Snake Mod

Skill selected

Game Little Big Snake today has a skill store for you to choose from. With colors or skills for your snake. Then you can freely choose in terms of colors and shapes. What do you think about controlling a pirate snake? Or the evil snake, will the strength increase dramatically? The skills that the publisher has produced are both souls. Just the winning faith you put into it. I think it will be interesting when you get to hold each skill from round to round. Will you play one skill at a time or forever the one you feel the luckiest? Download the game now and experience the skills you’ve always wanted.

download Little Big Snake Mod

Game graphics

With a very small size to download the Little Big Snake but the graphics are extremely eye-catching. You won’t find more snake skills anywhere else than here. The extremely harmonious color scheme brings excitement the moment you step into the game. Sharpness is very good and there is not a small error or mistake. So why not download and experience to see if what I say is true.

Game mechanics with friends

What do you think when 2 or 3 people gather to bully you? Must be very angry. So why not invite friends or relatives to join the snake association to hunt and win. There is nothing better than being helped by brothers and relatives when being surrounded by a herd of snakes. Let’s sit down together and start the fight. However, you need to come up with strategies to capture the whole map when you first enter the game. So let’s fight the game explosively.

Little Big Snake Mod

New map with various games

If you are in need of relief after tired working hours with friends and relatives. Then go to the game Little Big Snake to fight right away. Diversity of colors and rich skills, along with the map types. You have the freedom to choose the places that are most comfortable to put your snake in. The game will bring players to each level of emotions. With the VIP feature, you can get a lot more items after intense battles. When activating VIP, you can freely choose all skills to bring into the match. The rich map gives you the feeling of fighting with real snakes.

HOT feature of Little Big Snake Mod

  • Graphics are sharp and beautiful.
  • Many skins are extremely diverse and unique.
  • The gameplay is easy and very very familiar.
  • Thousands of different “rival” snakes will “compete” with you on the leaderboard.
  • Collect keys, artifacts and other items. To unlock your levels, missions and teammates.
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