Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod APK 2.15 (Free Purchase)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 08/11/2023
Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod APK 2.15 (Free Purchase)
Name Live Cycling Manager 2021
Version 2.15
MOD Features Free Purchase
Size 160MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Publisher Xagu Studios


Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod belongs to the sports game genre. The game will give you a completely new experience different from other sports games. Here you become the manager of the cycling team. Do not enter the contest directly. But you will be in charge of the development activities of the team. With a number of different jobs that need to be done. The surrounding management tasks are clearly recorded in great detail. Your mission is to form a professional cycling club. In addition, you will learn a lot about bike experience during the game. From vivid 3D graphics to picture quality. Along with intense, dramatic tournaments between teams competing for the championship. That’s what the publisher wants to bring to you.

Download Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod – Become a manager for the cycling team

The content of the Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod is mainly about managing racers. The main task you have to do is to form a racing team. To do this, you have to go through a process of training and experience. Along with many different tasks that need to be done. Control the overall activities and various aspects of the club. Examples include hiring staff, transferring riders, and attending training sessions. Recruit more riders, register to participate in tournaments, and build a specific strategy. Above all, financial management is necessary for long-term team development. Each job is a challenge that requires your management and leadership skills. You have to do your best to build a great club. At the same time, it will take a lot of time to constantly improve the racing team. From there, the dreams and goals that have been set will be realized.

Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod

Things you need to do in the game

By entering Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod you will become the manager of the racing team. First, you will have to have a passion for this racing sport. Passion is the best weapon for you to overcome all challenges with ease. Players have the right to choose their favorite team or club. Each club will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your playstyle, choose the racing team of your preference. You will be equipped with the experience to become a professional coach and manage a powerful racing team. This mission means a lot, you need to make a lot of efforts to achieve your dream. Leading your team to victory is currently one of the top concerns of gamers.

Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod

Recruit potential riders

The first task you will do Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod is to recruit members. The game features many different racing players. Each person’s skill is rated according to the number of stars, the smallest is 1 star and the largest is 5 stars. In addition, riders will demonstrate skills through personal attributes. You will have to use the money to recruit racers. The higher the number of stars, the higher the racer’s stats. The amount of money you need to spend to recruit as much as possible. Even after successfully recruiting people for the club. But you still have to bring the racer into the training sessions. Or take them to training centers around the world. This will improve their skills and make their cycling skills better. In addition, each racer can equip many different items. Includes costumes, helmets, drinks, and more.

Game Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod

Compete with other riders around the world

Show your management talent in Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod. You have to participate in intense bike races. Compete with different racing teams in a grand race. Your club’s racers have been recruited and trained. Guide them through the obstacles along the way. Defeat all opponents at once to become the champion. Win other racing teams to climb the leaderboard. Conquer each bike race in turn to reach the top of glory. Races take place in many different countries. Includes Italy, France, Spain, California, Lieges and more.

download Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod

The highlights of the game Live Cycling Manager 2021

The most attractive is that players will participate in races. Includes many professional racers from different clubs around the world. Every driver is a good candidate for the championship. There are many competition categories. Each category has a different game rule. Players must understand the rules before entering the race. Live Cycling Manager 2021 Mod will bring you the best experience. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading the Mod version with the unlimited money feature? It will help you unlock and recruit all the racers you like on a team. Form the strongest racing team in the world.

Download Live Cycling Manager 2021 MOD APK (Free Purchase) 2023

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