Download Log Thrower 3D Mod APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
Log Thrower 3D Mod APK 1.2.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Log Thrower 3D
Version v1.2.7
Size 24MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Boboho


Log Thrower 3D Mod is created and developed by the Boboho team. With extremely simple gameplay, the game promises to be a great choice. For those who need a fun game. To relieve stress after tiring working hours. Joining the player will perform the work of cutting wooden blocks. Create powerful and sharp arrows. Mount the cannon to fire with the goal of destroying everything in front of you. Until it all crumbles and hits the last wall. That’s the limit that needs to be done for each level. The game is made up of countless different levels, spoiled for players to try. But don’t think that you can go all the way from the beginning to the end. The number of obstacles will not stop increasing. So prepare well for each challenge.

Download Log Thrower 3D Mod – Destroy All Obstacles In Front

In Log Thrower 3D Mod the player will have two parts to do. First with a grinder, used to sharpen round logs into sharp shapes. There will be tutorials as well as hints available for beginners to implement. With faint lines, and paint marks. Of course, whether or not to do so is another matter. It is completely free to change as you wish. The ultimate goal is still to destroy all obstacles in front of you. The second part is the firing stage, recharging the cannon. Aiming will be in the preset section. So the Player does not need to care. Just choose the firing force to reach the strongest level. Create great pressure to push the arrow to the endpoint. Complete the conditions to proceed to the next level. Challenge on a bigger goal.Download Log Thrower 3D Mod

Simple Gameplay

It can be said that Log Thrower 3D Mod is one of the games built with the simplest gameplay. When joining the player simply do a single move. It’s touch and touch, just one or two shots to fire. Even novice downloaders can start challenging themselves right away. The same grip also only takes a little effort in the early stages of woodworking to create arrows. Players will have to hold as well as perform spins. To make every angle reach a certain degree of perfection. Helps to destroy all obstacles on the way. Complete the set requirements to continue the journey, towards the goal of clearing the game.Game Log Thrower 3D Mod

Various Obstacles

Log Thrower 3D Mod has a very important component. It can also be considered a determining factor in the fun of the game. Obstacles in each level will be changed arbitrarily to create uniqueness. Of course, there will be repetitions, but very little. Mainly replaced with all kinds of items, extremely diverse items. The game takes the stele, iron shield, statue, chess, and watermelon, … of many different types of materials. Not only hard and soft objects are also designed with many items. The game has almost no limitations in terms of form. Free to explore and shoot. There is nothing better than experiencing the feeling of destroying everything. Made by myself.Log Thrower 3D Mod

Map, Weapon Attack

Besides obstacles, the map in Log Thrower 3D Mod is also very diverse. Built with all sorts of different landscape images. With the desire for players to receive the best conditions to experience. The game doesn’t simply spin around with colorful walls. There will be seas and islands interspersed to change the atmosphere. The rewards received on this game screen are extremely large. The endpoint is the treasure chest. Weapons are the same, players can completely upgrade. Buy new items to increase your winning rate. Typically like a dwarf or a battery. When shooting, there is also a trail of fire on the ass, which is extremely pleasing to the eye.Tai Log Thrower 3D Mod

Log Thrower 3D Mod is not the original version but has been remade. Improve, replace as well as add some special features. To help players during the experience. Typically, unlimited money can be mentioned. Shop freely, and upgrade weapons. When the game is built with a lot of things. It’s entirely possible to purchase the entire set to create your own collection. Like something, just select it and bring it into the game. With great value for money, everything becomes free. When used, it does not cause the value to change even a single number

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