Lonely Survivor MOD 1.32.0 (Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full gems, Unlock all characters, Free shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Lonely Survivor MOD {{version}} (Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full gems, Unlock all characters, Free shopping)
Name Lonely Survivor
Version v1.32.0
Size 252MB
MOD Features Menu, God mode, Unlimited money, Full gems, Unlock all characters, Free shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Cobby Labs


Lonely Survivor is an engaging action game with simple gameplay. So since its launch, it has received a lot of reception from many people around the world. Right from the name, you can imagine the story of this game. It’s an exciting survival battle that only has one. In particular, a new mission brings an extremely interesting experience. Players will transform into a wizard, to protect the world from crazy monsters. All you have to do is touch the screen. But be careful, around are bats, skeletons, and poisonous bosses. You have to be smart to beat them all. Discover unique skill combos that can be used. In addition, there are dozens of different maps for players to conquer. Join and experience it right now.

Download Lonely Survivor Mod – The Lonely Mage’s Survival War

If you are too bored with difficult online survival games. And looking for an easy and relaxing game. Then, game Lonely Survivor will be the most suitable choice. It comes with simple but very engaging gameplay. Instead of practicing dozens of skills, experiment with a variety of strategies and stick to storylines. From there will be an easy-to-understand, refined and compact experience. According to the interesting plot of the game, you are a lonely witch. The mission is to survive in a world full of dark monsters. It is a long and endless survival journey. The longer you survive, the greater the challenge. There seems to be no stopping point on the journey. This is a fun challenge to test your survival skills.

Download Lonely Survivor Mod

Fight with just one finger

Start Lonely Survivor Mod as a beginner mage. Join, us to fight the monster bats. They can be easily defeated by swiping your finger across the screen. The mage will automatically attack the nearest target and the player’s task is to control it. But move wisely to avoid enemy attacks. At the same time, the target must be approached at a safe distance to use the skill effectively. Thus, it can be seen that even with a simple operating mechanism, it also requires a bit of strategy. Unique strategies and tips are the strength here. That can help players survive longer to discover many pleasant surprises.

Tải Lonely Survivor Mod

The game Lonely Survivor challenge will become more and more interesting with each level achieved. But will get help after each level, that’s 3 free upgrade options. Only one of these upgrades can be selected. It can be new skills, healing items, damage increase items… Analyze the situation to choose the right upgrade. Mages can achieve multiple abilities at once. Includes both active and passive capabilities. It can be a fireball, a thunder ball, a tornado, a rain of fireballs… Each skill has a different effect on the enemy.

Hero upgrade

In addition to the free upgrade, it is possible to upgrade your hero in different ways in the modes of ver Lonely Survivor Mod. In particular, will unlock and upgrade the hero’s equipment. There are up to 6 gear slots to add hats, shoes, skins, personal mage, boosters… All of these are available in the shop, but you have to pay to get them. Therefore, consider the options that match the style of action. You can turn your image into a warrior, assassin, or archer by swapping weapons and equipment with them. Equipment will help the hero improve two important stats which are damage and hp. With high strength, will survive longer to continue to discover many new things.

Game Lonely Survivor Mod

In short, Lonely Survivor is a game that attracts players through intense battles. So right from its launch, it has received a lot of reception from players around the world. A long survival role-playing journey here is waiting for players to explore. Choose your favorite skill to create action sequences and defeat thousands of monsters on the map. Try to survive as long as you can to set a new record. Join us and discover the mystery that lies ahead.

Lonely Survivor’s special features:

  • One-finger operation, easy to control and fight.
  • Random skills, choose your strategy.
  • Pass the map in turn with dozens of gates to conquer. Melee battles with soldiers and powerful BOSS.
  • Unleash the ultimate skill combo that can’t be left out, challenging the opponent.
  • Chests for additional items, MP potions help you maintain a more durable combat capacity.
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