Lucky Buddies APK 15.330.4

By MinhDuc - New update 12/01/2024
Lucky Buddies APK 15.330.4
Name Lucky Buddies
Version v15.330.4
Size 94MB
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Everybuddy Games


Lucky Buddies Mod unlocks extremely attractive attacks, attracting players. The game revolves around random spin matches. Although the gameplay is simple, the game is highly addictive. The plot of the game is published by the publisher on attractive story content. Every time you win, your character will jump to celebrate the victory. The giant rat elf piloted a flying boat. Move silently and stop in the sky. He then used a hook to steal valuable treasure chests. As soon as the rat started to run away, the heroes discovered it. They attack to get the assets that they took so long to get. Join us, so you can accompany the heroes in the battles for treasure. Together, defeat the rat elves to regain what was lost.

Download Lucky Buddies Mod – Accompany the heroes on the way to reclaim the treasure

Based on the plot of the game Lucky Buddies Mod. Then the player will have to fight the rat elves through the levels. The mission system is carried out according to the game level. The difficulty will increase gradually through each level. Requires you to have the luck to spin the wheel. You and the heroes go to complete the mission to destroy the rat elves and regain the treasure. Use your luck to spin out the necessary items. From there, create attacks to deal damage to the rat goblins. Every time you complete the mission at each level. You can start the mission on a new level. The difficulty will increase, with more challenging challenges than before. This difference manifests in the attack and defense power of the rat elves. Makes you hard to win no matter how lucky you are.

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System of Heroes

In the game Lucky Buddies Mod you will experience and own many different heroes. For each battle, you can let 3 heroes participate in the battle. The goal is to defeat the rat goblin to get back the treasure it stole. Each hero has a unique ability. The difference between those heroes is in the ability to attack and defend or the ability to support teammates. As well as the ability to control the enemy. Not stopping there, the strength of the heroes will improve over time. By participating in battles to earn rewards. From there you can use the rewards you get to upgrade your heroes. They are also equipped with other items. Includes weapons, hats, shields, and armor. Each type of equipment has its attributes. Can be upgraded to improve the attributes of the equipment.

Lucky Buddies Mod

The gameplay is simple but not boring

Lucky Buddies Mod gameplay has turn-based gameplay. During the battle, it will be in a random spin. With 3 different cells for you to spin your turns. Three squares that return the same item, that’s the turn. You will be able to perform actions in the shape of the item you turned out. A fight has a maximum of 50 innings. But not all matches have maximum turns.

Lucky Buddies Mod

Completing the challenges in Lucky Buddies Mod is a big challenge. Also, you get different types of actions after each random spin. That means there will be other activities going on during the match. Instead of continuously attacking turn-based. You have a chance to get gold coins. Or add more spins to increase your win rate. Depending on the items received randomly, conduct the corresponding activities. The time rounds take place each round to complete a level game. From there you will receive valuable rewards.

Item system and gold coins

Coming to Lucky Buddies Mod you will admire the extremely diverse item system. Item qualities include red, blue, and purple gems. Green energy pot, magic hammer, pig, gold coin. Each item will have a specific use. Depending on the type of rock you spin, the hero representing that power will attack the enemy. Also, the mana potion will increase your spins. The magic hammer opens the reward mode. Use it to unlock chests to collect coins and items. There are different random combinations on each spin. Depending on the system layout, will create for you the corresponding effects. Especially if all 3 squares are randomly rotated on the same item. From there, enable unlimited item types that you can rotate.

Game Lucky Buddies Mod

Through the missions in Lucky Buddies Mod, you will receive a large number of gold coins. From there, use it to upgrade the hero’s equipment. Upgrade heroes to increase the strength of your squad. Diamonds are a higher type of coin. Completing some special missions will give you diamonds. By unlocking treasure chests to get a small number of diamonds. It can be used to unlock some unique features.
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