Lucky Looter Mod APK 0.38 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/10/2023
Lucky Looter Mod APK 0.38 (Unlimited Money)
Name Lucky Looter
Version v0.38
Size 44MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers RadPirates


Lucky Looter Mod is a unique game that promises to open an interesting screen. With content revolving around a thief and that’s you. The user will be transformed into a character to start the first mission. Your goal will be to steal all the furniture in the house, thereby having a lot of money to buy new equipment to serve yourself. Built according to the entertainment method, the action genre promises to be a game that brings each emotional frame to the player.

Includes a lot of attractive features for players to explore, with the opportunity to unlock different vehicles. You can customize the character to your liking based on the costumes and much more. Thanks to the 3D graphic design, the image quality is quite sharp, reflected in many factors. Along with that, the control mechanism is quite simple and easy to operate to control.

Download Lucky Looter Mod – Compress The Button To Steal Things In The Houses

Lucky Looter Mod has unique gameplay, so right from its release, it has been well received by a large number of users. Playing the role of a thief, your task is to stealthily steal the objects in the house. Through the things you take away, you will prove how skilled you are. Here, the system will divide the task into different levels. Each level will open up challenges in the house you send. Each level after completion will be evaluated by the system, up to 3 stars for excellence.Lucky Looter Mod

To receive that you need to complete the given task, and also completing the task at that level will be multiplied by the corresponding reward. When you complete the round, the difficulty of the next round will increase with the level, making you more challenging in the process of stealing. And as for the police, they will patrol closely to make sure no one sneaks into the house.

Gameplay, avoid the police

At the beginning of Lucky Looter Mod, the tasks will be almost the same, which is stealing, but will gradually increase the difficulty according to the level. With open gameplay used by the publisher. You can move freely to stealthily steal items. Deploy your own style of play to get the furniture in the house as quickly as possible. However, you need to observe every move of the police patrolling around the house, looking for ways to avoid the light from the flashlight. If discovered, the police will chase and arrest you Lucky Looter mod

That means you lose and play that round again. In addition to needing to move skillfully, you can hide in cardboard boxes, and at that time will not be detected by the police even if you shine a flashlight into them. But you need to note, that within the light of the flashlight when you are detected and then hide, you will still be detected. Therefore, it is necessary to observe quickly and hide before the flashlight comes on.

Collect keys, accumulate money

In addition to sneaking and stealing things in the house, Lucky Looter Mod also uses skills and experience to avoid the police’s watch. Another task in each match is to collect the golden keys that appear randomly in the match. In turn, collecting and accumulating 3 golden keys will have the opportunity to open a treasure chest. Get many valuable items. After each round, you will receive a bonus depending on each level, which will accumulate a large amount to use. Through the game’s store, you can unlock equipment and products. Through each level, you will get a lot of experience so that you feel more interesting every time you participate in the game.

Vehicles and costumes

With a diverse collection of vehicles for you to explore, Lucky Looter Mod makes even the most demanding people soft. Including cars, will be moved by thieves after each theft. After each match, the vehicle will be parked in front of the house, waiting after you successfully steal all your belongings and step into the car, then drive the car to move away from the location where you complete the mission. In addition, players can customize the character’s interface, with many different costumes that will change the character to your own style. However, when you choose your favorite outfit, you have to use the money to buy Lucky Looter Mod

The publisher has paid great attention to the image. Lucky Looter Mod is designed based on 3D graphics with impressive sharp image quality. Create for players to have a better view every time they experience it. Accompanying that is the fun, lively background music. The sound mix is ​​changed to suit each scene taking place in the game. Hope each player when playing will never have bad thoughts or do illegal things and hope you always have the right moments.

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