Luna Ravel Mod 2024.0326.1 (Unlimited Gems/Tickets)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/03/2024
Luna Ravel Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Gems/Tickets)
Name Luna Ravel
Version v2024.0326.1
Size 214MB
MOD Features Unlimited Gems/Tickets
Support Android 7.0+
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers nutnut


If you are bored with romance novels, try Luna Ravel Mod right away. This is an interactive visual novel game with an engaging detective story. This game is the latest product of Nutnut Studios. The publisher specializes in the genre of mystery and interactive romance. Therefore, this game is carefully invested in all aspects. From the plot, and the character system to the game’s graphics. Its story will revolve around the talented female detective – Luna Ravel. You will join her at several Kleinfeld events. There are many mysterious details happening in your story. Between the suspense and the mystery lies the unforgettable romance.

Download Luna Ravel Mod – A mysterious and fascinating detective story

Luna Ravel Mod arouses the curiosity of players from the moment they start entering the game. Because it belongs to the genre of mystery detective novels. It starts with you playing a girl named Luna Ravel, the main character of the story. She is a talented detective with the ability to convince others to reveal their secrets. This seems to be a must for every detective. But you will have problems if you are not judgmental enough. She was invited to the town where she lived as a child.

Luna Ravel Mod

You are asked to investigate the strange disappearance of a lake in the city. With detective Peter Wilson. The innocent intern Lily Rousseau. Or novelist Yasmine Zidi. Together to find the reason why such a large lake can disappear overnight? Who is the culprit behind it all? Or arrest him and bring him to face the law.

Make the right judgments about the way the story works

Step into Luna Ravel Mod your journey to solve the case starts here. The game consists of many chapters revolving around the disappearance of the lake and the many mysteries behind it. The townspeople are trying to find the answer to the above event. And you are the most reliable among the other detectives in town. How would you handle this case? Create puzzles that alternate dialogue in your story. Each puzzle comes with 2 or 3 choices. You only need to choose one of these options to resolve the situation.

Luna Ravel Mod

Through the options, you will immerse yourself in the plot of the game. From there you will discover many new details, and new characters and gradually remove important knots. Clues to questions, character lines, etc. will help you investigate the case. Your job is to synthesize and analyze these suggestions to find the truth. You have the right to suspect anyone as long as you have proof. Use your rare ability to get people to tell the truth.

Beautiful peaceful town

The story of Luna Ravel Mod takes place mainly in the town where the detective lived as a child. It goes through different places. From small forests to mountains, rivers and lakes, fishing village areas,… Each place impresses with its wild and peaceful beauty. But they hide secrets that you haven’t discovered yet. In addition, the settings will rotate according to the situation of the story. Makes you feel really adventurous. And it will make it difficult for you to make judgmental decisions about the situation. Keep exploring to discover more interesting secrets. Find out the truths and answers behind the stories. Return the inherent peace of the town.

Game Luna Ravel Mod

Graphics system

Luna Ravel Mod impresses with its beautiful hand-drawn design style. Create a friendly feel for every image and context in the game. In particular, the character’s image is well described from appearance to expression and dialogue. They also possess a youthful and seductive beauty suitable for lovers of romantic detective novels. In addition, dialogue and background music also play an important part in the story. Make the story more engaging and engaging. The game will help you face these situations. And experience many different emotions.

download Luna Ravel Mod

Enjoy the story of Luna Ravel Mod in your own way. You will enjoy a series of thrilling crime detective episodes. In addition, the game also has interesting romantic details. So the plot of the game will leave you with many authentic emotions. Get ready to play the role of a talented detective and enjoy. It’s time to show your talent and find the truth.

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