Mad Day Mod APK 2.2 (Menu, Immortal, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 20/11/2022
Mad Day Mod APK 2.2 (Menu, Immortal, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP)
Name Mad Day - Truck Distance Game
Version 2.2
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP
Size 40MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE


Rescue the octopus pet Fluffy in Mad Day Mod. Accordingly, a journey of invasion into extraterrestrial lands is opened. Mission to fight with aliens to rescue your pet. Get ready for an exciting survival adventure. Combined shooting and driving styles. It takes place in each journey with many difficult challenges to face. Move on the bumpy terrain of the land of outer space. Being stopped by aliens makes you stop in the middle of the road. Along with that are obstacles that will put them in danger if they collide. Also, jog through the walls when reaching a certain distance. Moreover, many difficult challenges are waiting for you ahead.

Download Mad Day Mod – Rescue Fluffy Octopus in Shooting and Racing Game

Before starting the journey in the game Mad Day Mod. A short story will be recreated in the form of a picture. You and your pet octopus Fluffy live happily together. But the surprise attack by aliens. They controlled the UFO to catch the octopus back to the base. Without having time to react, you couldn’t help but watch Fluffy get taken away. Now to rescue your pet. You have no choice but to start an action-adventure. Drive your car and equip weapons to advance to the alien base. That process will face a lot of dangers. Along with a series of challenges from many factors put yourself at risk. But only moving forward can rescue Fluffy the octopus.Mad Day Mod

The gameplay, the process

The journey in Mad Day Mod is divided into several stages. Drive on a bumpy alien road. Keep moving forward toward the enemy base. When reaching a stage will be blocked by construction with complex terrain. Causing you to not be able to drive past, and you will have to jog instead. At the same time will have to face a lot of different aliens. As well as dangerous creatures will attack to take your life. Not stopping there, the vehicle used can only withstand a certain amount of attack. After the armor is exhausted, the vehicle will be destroyed. Then you will have to run to fight the enemies on the road. If the blood is also exhausted, it will mean the journey has to end.Game Mad Day Mod

Face aliens and obstacles

On the move in the journey to rescue the octopus Fluffy in Mad Day Mod. You will face a lot of different dangers. In addition to the danger from the terrain, the movement speed is not fast. Also, have to face countless aliens. They attack in a variety of ways to reduce health. For example, will fire bullets when you appear. Or simply stand in the way, if the collision will cause the vehicle’s armor or the character’s health to decrease. Not stopping there, there are many different obstacles. For example, a fence, need to jump over to dodge. Or the bomb will explode after hitting it. There are many other challenges that will appear more and more. You have to get through it all in order to keep moving forward.Tai Mad Day Mod

Collect gold coins and sweets, play the wheel

Gold coins appear scattered along the adventure route in Mad Day Mod. Try not to miss collecting in bulk. From there can be used to unlock and upgrade, to enhance the ability. Also randomly found sweet candy. They appear at several locations on the journey to rescue Fluffy the octopus. Sweet candy is used to play the wheel of fortune. Through that will receive a large number of gold coins. Or hearts to be able to revive after a loss of life on the next journey. Or if turning into armor will increase the vehicle’s endurance. Moreover, it is possible to receive turbocharger power to improve the vehicle’s performance.Download Mad Day Mod

Mad Day Mod game offers 4 different vehicles. Includes classic trucks, offroad supercars, motorcycles, and jet cars. Each vehicle is engineered for exceptional performance. Specially designed with a unique design. At the same time equipped with a weapon system to attack. In addition to a medium that is provided free of charge as a beginner. You will have to use the money to unlock the rest of the vehicles. Each car gives a different amount. At the same time can be upgraded to increase performance. Through guns, bumpers, and armor. From there, it will increase strength to be able to achieve better efficiency in the next shooting races.

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