Mad Dex 2 Mod 1.3.5 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/03/2024
Mad Dex 2 Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Mad Dex 2
Version v1.3.5
Size 42MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers game guild


Mad Dex 2 Mod is the second version created after the success of the first one. Has improved a lot. Add some features as well as create new challenges for players to experience. The game still has the same gameplay as before, challenging yourself with the journey to rescue the love of your life. When being immersed in the character with a small body. On the way try all your strength, and overcome hardships and pitfalls. In order to find the evil crazy kidnapper. As well as to test the player’s ability to what extent. When there are countless challenges set, the roads are bloody. Dangerous traps ready to take lives. Just a little carelessness can completely pay a heavy price. And will end up returning to the starting point.

Download Mad Dex 2 Mod – Test your Obstacle Skill with Adventure

The difficulty of the game, Mad Dex 2 Mod must not be discussed when tried with the first version. But that’s why it attracts many players to want to try. Want to show your ability when participating in a difficult journey. With pre-designed roads exist many dangerous traps. Ready to take the player’s life at any time, just one wrong step can completely cost. Or consecutive obstacles that hinder creating difficulty. Vertical slope, if you accidentally overstep to fall, will definitely end. There are also firecrackers that are not fast enough to be sacrificed. So it will take skill to practice to be able to overcome the danger. Show the ability to fly, and control the parkour character wisely in the way of movement. Timely in every moment dodge the attack.Game Mad Dex 2 Mod

Many Levels To Unleash Your Strength

The thing that makes the name of the Mad Dex 2 Mod game series is definitely the difficulty. The game is designed with 75 levels of freedom so that players can try their best. Moreover, each level is designed with different obstacles and traps. The completely random arrangement is difficult to grasp. And the difficulty is always increasing gradually. So all can only rely on the players themselves. Just keep practicing, lose but don’t get discouraged. Challenge many times to hope to reach the level of mastery and pass each level to reach the finish line. Not only that, the game has 75 levels and is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter creates new levels with new designs.Download Mad Dex 2 Mod

Complicated Pitfalls

The real challenge for players in the game Mad Dex 2 Mod is the pitfalls. In a game screen, there is not only one type there are two or even more. And they are always designed everywhere at each level. Just go a little bit will see, almost not letting the player neglect even for a minute. It can be spikes, spikes, or saws too close together. Both on the top and on the ground, without the skill of controlling the coordination between the buttons, is really impossible to overcome. Not only that but there is also a deep abyss, if the lava accidentally falls, it will end. There are also guns that only need to be within the allowed distance to attack.Mad Dex 2 Mod

Player Ranking

Mad Dex 2 Mod’s player rating is an indicator of ability. When giving players a challenge with a journey to rescue love. With each level, the pass will be based on time as well as a medal when completing the goal quickly. From there, it is converted to a score to assess the strength, and see what conditions will have the corresponding position on the rankings. And the game not only relies on one person’s achievements but will connect all players together. From there, make a ranking to see who is the best. As well as to compete with each other non-stop for everyone to improve their skills gradually. Aim to be at the top of the table.Tai Mad Dex 2 Mod Icon

So what are you waiting for without immediately downloading the game to experience it? Facing difficulties, testing control ability, and being sensitive in each situation to find a solution. As well as practicing reflexes when repeatedly encountering dangerous traps ready to take life at any time. Mad Dex 2 Mod has been reworked and added an unlimited money mod feature. Bring a huge amount of money to any player when participating in the game experience. To be able to buy furniture, buy everything. Increased excitement when everything is mastered.

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