MAD ZOMBIES Mod APK 5.35.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Grenades)

By MinhDuc - New update 01/11/2023
MAD ZOMBIES Mod APK 5.35.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Grenades)
Name MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Games
Version v5.35.0
Size 98MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Grenades
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free


MAD ZOMBIES Mod is an action game created and developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. The game will bring thrilling gun battles, and satisfy viewers. But it will not be like the usual shooting games between people. Entering the game will be the player’s battle when he is playing the role of a warrior. Join the battlefield, and fight with extremely dangerous zombies. Carrying the responsibility of all humanity when the world is on the verge of collapse. Humans are being gradually destroyed by this extremely scary animal. There is only one chance, the player will become a savior. Fight to find a way to restore the earth, and bring peaceful life to people. By always being confident, improve your shooting ability.

Download MAD ZOMBIES Mod – Join the Bloody Battlefield for Human Life

When participating in MAD ZOMBIES Mod with countless battles ahead. There will be no two words to run away from, there will be an only constant practice. Willing to fight no matter what danger. Because the game gives players a great responsibility that is to protect everyone. Try to survive in a world full of surprises. The danger is always lurking because the undead is always available, not ignoring any living creatures when encountered. Only combat is the only way, with the armed character killing any creature deemed dangerous. Take advantage of the terrain and terrain to find the right position to aim. Try to kill every zombie that appears, completing all the missions given. Turn yourself into a top-class shooter. Do not panic in any difficult situation,MAD ZOMBIES Mod

Modern Weapons

The item that any action game cannot do without is a weapon. MAD ZOMBIES Mod is the same, it is a direct decisive factor in the matches. A secondary need to have, for this game is the guns. Can be used to attack at long range with extremely scary damage to the target. Rifles once used can easily kill zombies. When trying to get close, use a special short gun to attack close-range targets. There are also pistols, snipers, … spoiled for players to experience. If you encounter a large number, there is no need to be afraid. Just knowing how to use the right combination of guns together will definitely bring great advantages.Ear MAD ZOMBIES Mod

Zombies, Dangerous Undead

MAD ZOMBIES Mod is not as simple as you think, the challenge is built with extreme difficulty. The game has a whole system with all kinds of different zombies. In general, the species is diverse, at first, it is possible to only encounter weak species with low attack ability. But gradually the real challenge will begin, not only one participating in the battle will exist many types. Zombies are not only in the form of humans, animals like falling dogs can also be infected. Very fast attack speed can even fly in the sky. With the terrain in high places, you can also crawl easily. Players must really try and keep practicing if they want to win.Download MAD ZOMBIES Mod

Offline Games

MAD ZOMBIES Mod is built with the purpose to satisfy every user. Can be easily downloaded and tested. A particularly prominent feature that is almost impossible to achieve at present. That is without the need for the internet, players also have the opportunity to experience. Participate in battles with many levels to try. Intense gun battles between humans and bloodthirsty zombies. The game is built to be played offline, anywhere. Will not be restricted by location or have to pay to register traffic.Game MAD ZOMBIES Mod

MAD ZOMBIES Mod is a game that requires a lot of equipment. Castration and the required condition is the weapon. An indispensable thing for most action games is to aim for victory. But to own it, you need to spend a huge amount of money. That is why it requires a lot of time and effort. But with the mod version, those things will no longer matter. Money is no longer an issue. As soon as you enter the game, the player will own a huge amount of money. There is almost no loss of pepper and even an increase. Make sure players can buy the best items.

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