Download Mafia Sniper Mod 1.6.7 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 02/02/2024
Mafia Sniper Mod 1.6.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Mafia Sniper - Wars of Clans
Version v1.6.7
Size 95MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free


You are a person who loves shooting, especially sniper shooting and aiming. Mafia Sniper Mod released by CASUAL AZUR GAMES team is a great choice. By participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to become a sniper. With hundreds of different challenges always ready to experience them. Self-identified as a righteous person, standing up to take on the task of eliminating the evil forces. These are the illegal mafia organizations, the corrupt leaders, or the police of the 20th century. Prove your talent for good and evil. Kill everyone who intends to be as quickly as possible without leaving a trace and causing harm to innocent people. Try to improve your reputation, towards becoming a tycoon in the profession.

Download Mafia Sniper Mod – Participate in Sniper Assassination Missions

Mafia Sniper Mod does not offer solo battles. But when participating, only one player will have to confront an entire organization. All are famous bosses in the criminal world, always protected by many people. They are minions, ready to protect the boss even if it means losing their lives. Will not let anyone approach nor cause harm. So the game requires players to really have super skills. Ready to kill the target when given the opportunity, precisely without causing any movement. Quick without causing damage to innocent people around. Always determine, aim accurately to kill the intended enemy, then take action. Make sure not to let any criminals get through. And when completing the task well, there will certainly be a lot of rewards as well as achieving new titles.Mafia Sniper Mod

Various Styles Outfits

Mafia Sniper Mod designed for the character is quite simple. Just blocks arranged to resemble a human figure. All have only a certain design with white as the main color. Therefore, to avoid the situation of the same character, costumes are added. The game is created with countless different types of costumes of all genres and designs. The clothes represent many professions and people in society. Elegant costumes like gentlemen or military uniforms show off as police officers. The game also comes with accessories such as hats and beards to further decorate the character. Spoiled so that players can choose a good match, to participate in intense gunfights.Ear Mafia Sniper Mod

Huge Armory

As a shooting game, surely the indispensable weapons are guns. The Mafia Sniper Mod game is also designed with all kinds of different guns. The shotguns are close to shotguns with pond damage, just one shot can kill a target. As popular as the submachine gun, there are also many types of machines for players to choose from. There are also guns that can be aimed to attack from a distance, with extremely high damage. There are also support items such as bombs, and bulletproof vests to protect yourself from enemy attacks. The first-aid bandages are used to heal the character every time he is hit by a bullet. Just knowing the proper use will guarantee victory.Game Mafia Sniper Mod

Many Maps To Choose From

Mafia Sniper Mod is also designed like any other game. Built with a lot of maps, are places to shoot guns. It can be high-rise buildings, small alleys, or right on the street. There are many places for players to try to explore and experience new things to increase their attractiveness. Not only that, but the game publisher also creates places that players may not expect. Industrial parks, parking lots, suburbs, and even in the woods. All are deserted places with few people passing by as places to fight, suitable for gun disputes.Download Mafia Sniper Mod

Mafia Sniper Mod is a game designed with a huge inventory of equipment and a system of costumes. Of course, to be able to own it will have to cost money. Therefore, the game has been improved with a preeminent feature which is unlimited money. As soon as the player enters the experience, he will find that he has a huge amount of money. Spoiled to buy the necessary weapons and equipment for the destruction of evil organizations. You don’t have to worry about winning even if you encounter a strong enemy. Or to make the character more beautiful, it is necessary to own the costumes. Feel free to shop to have a whole collection that can be used at any time.

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