Magic Tiles 3 MOD 11.046.107 (Unlimited money, hearts)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/05/2024
Magic Tiles 3 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited money, hearts)
Name Magic Tiles 3
Version v11.046.107
Size 96MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, hearts
Support Android 4.1+
Category Music
Price Free
Developers AMANOTES


After the release of the first 2 versions, it was supported by many brothers. Understanding that, AMANOTES has launched Magic Tiles 3. With simple, unique, and extremely new gameplay, it has attracted a lot of attention from players. Up to now, this game has reached more than 100 million downloads after more than 2 years of release. Much superior to the previous 2 versions. The basic gameplay remains the same, and the races with music are extremely interesting.

Players tap the black musical notes on the screen to earn points and form a complete song. Click on it a musical note will sound and so on until the end of the song. If you slide other colored buttons, the game will stop immediately. At this point, you have 2 options: use diamonds to revive yourself. Or stop and start the round again.

Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod – Immerse Yourself In The Melodies Of Each Track

Magic Tiles 3 has extremely attractive music albums and different genres. From there can easily find your favorite music. It’s hard to find a game related to something I love here. With a music theme, and many attractive songs for players to have more interesting options. The difficulty of the game depends on the tune of the song. The more exciting the music, the more high notes, and the faster the key speed appears. The initial speed is not great but will increase gradually over time. His reflexes will gradually have to adapt, especially since the accuracy must be absolute to win. If you want to react quickly and handle more accurately, you must practice hard.

Magic Tiles 3 Mod

Style play

Game Magic Tiles 3 has simple gameplay. With just a few instructions from the basic system tutorial, you can experience it easily. But to win, you need many other factors. It’s not easy to beat a song completely. Each track will be 2-3 minutes long, excluding the intro. When the sound is played, the black musical notes run slowly. Start in order from the bottom of the screen. Hit those keys correctly, absolutely do not slip into the white notes. Even if you want to stop the music, the goal is already in front of you. But if you press the wrong key, you will accept failure and get no points. The game requires absolute precision from the player.

Variety mode

Not only can you destroy all the music list by yourself in Magic Tiles 3 Mod. In addition, it is also possible to compete with other players in online mode. Invite your friends to play with you or randomly match them with other players. Compare skills against each other to see who is better. This mode requires mobile data to be able to experience. In the match, you play against 3 other players from all over the world. They can be good or weak players depending on each person you meet. If you have teammates, invite them to join your team. The game takes place in teams playing together will be very interesting.

game Magic Tiles 3 Mod

Music Store

Synthesis of the world’s most famous music is included in ver Magic Tiles 3. This is the strong point that helps the game attract and attract many players. More than 100 songs for players to choose from and experience offline. If you have mobile data, the number goes up to more than 800 tracks of all genres. Large numbers, no matter how fastidious music listeners are, can easily choose the right song for themselves. Besides many genres Pop, Dance, EDM, Electronic Music, GNB,… You can also explore other genres. The hits of world-famous singers are full of songs without missing a single song. Update at the end of the day to create the best feeling and experience for players.

tai Magic Tiles 3 Mod

Sharp graphics

The heat of game Magic Tiles 3 is undeniable. Because 2D graphics are simple but no less sharp. With this design, it is very suitable for colorful music games. Reduces eye pain or eye strain during the experience. The musical notes are also designed to be very realistic. From there, the player feels like he is playing a real piece of music. Along with sound effects, images give players a great feeling.

download Magic Tiles 3 Mod

After completing the levels in Magic Tiles 3 Mod. You will receive valuable system rewards. There will definitely be gold coins, along with some other items. Choose the right music for the game. Should choose the easy songs that you like the most. Feeling the melody of the song will help you easily immerse yourself in the game. Precise manipulation is required for a better music playback experience.

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