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By MinhDuc - New update 13/01/2024 Mod APK 2.2.5 (Unlimited Money)
Version v2.2.5
Size 93MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free


Join Mod now to witness miracles. Is a game created and developed by the CASUAL AZUR GAMES team? The game gives players the opportunity to prove themselves. Immerse yourself in the mortal arenas. When brought into a magical world and people rely on ability as a yardstick. With wars created for players when participating in competitive games. Choose for yourself a character that matches the desired strength. Compete to see who is the strongest and who can win when destroying the opponent and surviving to the end. Get great rewards, and score points that make everyone admire. Aim for a high position in the rankings, and become a great magician.

Download Mod – Fight against Elemental Master Wizards

Not as people think participating in Mod will become a warrior. The game is designed to be much more interesting than that, creating a world of magic. Everyone who enters the game will have the opportunity to become a mage. With the power generated from different types of natural elements. For example, fire, water, earth, wind, etc. each has its own advantages. And a special point, the character will be decided by the player. Please choose a representative as desired to bring to the competition. Show masterful control skills to make the character can perform to their full potential. The requirement is to attack every target that the opponent destroys. As well as move at the same time to dodge enemy attacks. Aim to win to overcome the gates with many opponents with different strengths.Download Mod

Challenging Long Journeys

Challenges in Mod are not like matches that can be arbitrarily selected by opponents. The game has been designed with a route for players to experience. With a long journey with countless different challenges. Divided into many levels and the difficulty will gradually increase. And only when the requirement to win the battle ahead can be met can the battle behind be reached. It follows a certain pre-set cycle. Requires players to constantly try, improve themselves as well as upgrade their character. The game will give you the opportunity to get used to the first levels. Opponents in these levels are easy to kill. But behind are the real matches. Players will meet more powerful enemies, their possibilities are endless.Game Mod

Countless Sorcerers

For Mod, the magicians here are the characters designed by the developer. Possesses the power to control the element. Can be used arbitrarily to defend or attack the opponent. And the player has the full right to decide or choose anyone at the beginning of the game. They are created with different looks and powers. Of course, no one is stronger, improving stats is based on players using resources to upgrade. But each character will have a unique feature, outstanding about one thing, but will also have a poor love side. Mainly wanting to be able to make a decision to choose for themselves a representative to fight.Tai Mod

Game Mode

The most prominent feature of Mod is that the game can be played in both modes. With online where players can connect to the network. Together with friends, can create matches to try, and see who is the best. Or compete with other players from all over the world. Put your name on the leaderboard so everyone can see your strength. Or when there are no conditions, players can completely switch to extravagance mode. There will still be pre-designed challenges for players to try and experience. The desire of the game is to be able to reach the hands of as many people as Mod Mod is a unique fighting action game. A place for players to experience becoming a mage. A magical world with miracles. This game is a mod version, which has been modified as well as improved and added some features. Among them is the unlimited money mod, for the player’s account when participating in the game will always reach the limit. Spending or buying all the items in the game does not run out of money. Bringing a huge fortune for players to spend freely. Seek the power to win all battles and become a master mage.

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