Mario Kart Tour Mod APK 3.4.1 (Unlimited Ruby)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
Mario Kart Tour Mod APK 3.4.1 (Unlimited Ruby)
Name Mario Kart Tour
Version v3.4.1
Size 127MB
MOD Features Unlimited Ruby
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Is a completely new racing game. Unlike other games on the market. Mario Kart Tour Mod since its launch has been well received from players around the world. Give skill challenges to players. The content revolves around the races inspired by the character Mario. With online-style participation, it opens up a fun race in the Mario world. Through it, players will be able to travel around the world, with friends or family. There is also the opportunity to meet players from many different countries around the world. Especially like other online games. A network and a Nintendo account are required to participate in the experience of this game.

Download Mario Kart Tour Mod – Multiplayer Race In Live Environment

Participating in the hack Mario Kart Tour race will have quite a few formidable opponents because this is an online multiplayer game. Role-playing you will be transformed into Mario to compete with other opponents. For each race, you will be competing against 7 riders from all over the world. Through the vast map designed under every corner of the city for you full of challenges. The gameplay is similar to other games. Your goal is to go straight to the finish line at the fastest speed.

Mario Kart Tour Mod game

Beat all opponents right on the fierce track of Mario Kart Tour Mod. Win convincingly and show off your skills against your opponents. From there, it topped the charts. Along with that will be a lot of valuable rewards. Includes gold coins for you to use in a variety of trading activities, as well as experience points to speed up vehicles, equipment, and character progress. You can then continue to experience the races ahead with your group of friends.

Environment, terrain, stunts

The car races in game Mario Kart Tour will be reproduced separately for each map. Create a unique look with an impressive design from its surroundings. As well as the extremely complex terrain with twists, turns, winding terrain and more. In addition to the races on the road, in the mountains. You also have the opportunity to race under the sea and explore the vivid flora in the water. No matter what environment you compete in, the terrain is the biggest obstacle. But they will also give you an advantage when used correctly. Through your control skills to overcome dangerous places. To win you need to finish with an excellent record to put your name on the leaderboard.

Attack items

In the process of participating in racing Mario Kart Tour hack, it requires players to quickly observe to avoid unexpected attacks from opponents or surrounding obstacles. There are many items for you to use. Through driving, you can encounter gift boxes on the road. Then you will receive 3 randomly appearing items a green turtle shell, a red turtle shell, a mushroom, a time bomb, a banana, etc… and many more.

Mario Kart Tour Mod

Especially when you randomly receive 3 of the same items. Then you will have Mario Kart Tour Mod activate the mode that provides an item that uses a lot of skills in a short period of time. Each item type carries its own distinct type of ability. For example, the green turtle shell will attack backward. The red turtle shell can be thrown forward to make the opponent lose control. Or eating mushrooms will increase the maximum speed for a certain amount of time.

Diverse and rich characters

To increase user experience and diversify the gameplay. Then Mario Kart Tour Mod allows you to play many different characters when participating in the match. All characters are inspired by the cartoon Mario. So it will be very familiar to many people. Typical are the green dinosaur, the mushroom elf, the Mario character, and the spiny dinosaur, etc… There are some other unique characters waiting for you to discover when participating. Appearance is always very important in each character. Based on the cartoon design style, the reproduction is extremely vivid. Brings players an interesting feeling every time they experience it. Moreover, each character owns a different vehicle and parachute equipment.

Mario Kart Tour Mod

At the end of the Mario Kart Tour Mod race, you will be valued for achievements through stars. Each star received corresponds to a certain number of points set by the system. From there will complete the achievement quest. The same amount was collected during racing. Bonus combinations are received based on individual ratings. From there will accumulate to use to buy characters or favorite equipment. When you accumulate enough experience, you will increase to a new level. The racing ability will be superior and the opponent is also more formidable. What are you waiting for without experiencing it with us?

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