Merge Animals 3D Mod 1.8.11 (No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/02/2024
Merge Animals 3D Mod 1.8.11 (No Ads)
Name Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race
Version v1.8.11
Size 88MB
MOD Features No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Have you ever thought that one day people will have animal parts on them? That is impossible. But that was before I got to know Merge Animals 3D. It is a game that simulates the creativity of the player. Start participating you will transform into a mad scientist. Likes to breed different types of animals with humans. To create a runner with the best speed and stamina. It only takes a few touches on a mobile screen to breed a human. Then you will witness the surge. For example, add the wings of an eagle, the head of a giraffe, the legs of an ostrich, and more. Everything can be created here, allowing players to satisfy their creativity. Let’s create ways to mix DNA to create a superior human.

Download Merge Animals 3D Mod – Merge DNA to create mutant humans

Get inspired by current superhero fiction movies. Merge Animals 3D Mod is a fantasy game. Lets you work in the magic lab. Where you have a bunch of mutated DNA stuff. The content of the game is nothing sublime, extremely simple, and fun. The game mechanism is simply pressing to grab the item, inject it into the body, and swipe up when finished… The game has no age limit or any other constraints. So this is really a great space to experience what you want. Its mission is to create a hybrid human. Can survive in all living conditions.Ear Merge Animals 3D Mod

Be creative in your way

When bred for humans. Merge Animals 3D Mod has more than 10 different types of animal DNA. Your task is to combine them with human DNA. To create a mutant body that can adapt in many ways in different environments. To get started, simply tap on the available animal DNA icon and specify a certain location on the human body to mutate. If you want an eagle’s wings, select the eagle and assign it to the chest. You will create wings for humans. If you choose a giraffe and assign it to the neck. The human body will grow into a deer head. There are also many other parts you can breed.Game Merge Animals 3D Mod

But when you first start Merge Animals 3D Mod, you won’t get it all. Time will gradually unlock new DNA samples for you to continue experimenting with. Evolve and gradually form a perfect body. Your mutant creature after undergoing evolution will become more and more powerful. Or reduce it depending on your strategy and creativity when breeding. Of course, after hybridization, I will be completely different from the subject before the crossbreed. It was something that created the curiosity of every player. Try to create the best mutant to conquer all the challenges of this game.

Join the obstacle course

After the breeding process. Merge Animals 3D Mod will let you discover your achievements on the running tracks. The track will be designed with many types of terrain and there are many obstacles on it such as deep sea, steep slopes, walls, craggy bridges, etc. The creatures you breed will compete with animals. or other mutants themselves. When it wins, it will help you unlock many new DNA samples to continue creating and evolving the human body in the Merge Animals 3D Mod

To overcome the difficult terrains Merge Animals 3D Mod. Then the sea requires your creature to know how to swim. So you need to breed turtleback or crocodile tail. To climb high and steep walls, you can add spider DNA. Crossing the deeps you need to eagle DNA. Lots of experiences so you can evolve your subject in the most optimal way. Starting from humans, through evolution you will create something that can adapt to all environments and challenges.

Colorful and realistic design

Merge Animals 3D Mod with colorful 3D map design. Make players feel quite excited when experiencing it. The game describes the right image according to people, animals, and other mutant creatures. Along with a colorfully designed laboratory. Bright brings out your creativity in every crossbreed. Funny sounds with each transition are a contributing factor to help you relax anytime, anywhere.Merge Animals 3D Mod

Merge Animals 3D Mod is an interesting hybrid game. Worth it for you to experience it even just once. Bringing enjoyment to players while mixing DNA into the human body. Of course, it’s just a fantasy simulation so you don’t need to worry about that. Players won’t find this crazy experience elsewhere either. Come here, and create the best mutant creatures that can overcome all the challenges that await you ahead.

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