Merge Battle Car MOD 2.38.00 (High exp/Instant level up)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/02/2024
Merge Battle Car MOD 2.38.00 (High exp/Instant level up)
Name Merge Battle Car
Version v2.38.00
Size 69MB
MOD Features High exp/Instant level up
Support Android 6.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers NOXGAMES


Merge Battle Car is an engaging, creative battle car game. Attract hundreds of millions of players, with new and modern features. Your task is to build battle cars by combining cars together on a road. The built cars will be very fast and powerful. Helping players easily reach the finish line in the quickest way, and get valuable rewards. Never stop creating, collect new cars and create real monsters on the track.

Download Merge Battle Car Mod – Create New Generation Battle Cars

When entering the world of Merge Battle Car you are provided with a free car by the system. You will have to step on the track to earn money. The track here has only the finish line without a stop. The player’s job is to quickly cross the finish line to get the bonus. Use it to buy yourself modern cars and combine them together. Create an incredibly fast and powerful supercar, constantly maintaining and repeating the same. Until your car is perfect and builds more new models. At this time, the cars have extremely vibrant shapes and colors. From the frame, mirror, or wheel, it also looks very pitiful. Bring an exciting experience and great feeling to players.

Merge Battle Car mod

Game mode

Game Merge Battle Car has 2 basic game modes, very easy to get used to for newbies. The first is Click mode, where just press the button on the screen and everything can work as you want. From driving cars on the track to merging them together. It’s light and simple, isn’t it? Next is the creative mode, which is a small part of the game system that helps players not get bored. You will build roads, buildings, and even cities. Make it your own beautiful, dreamy world. When building these structures also helps players earn a lot of bonuses. Can partially support the upgrade of their supercars.

Merge Battle Car mod

Gameplay and rewards

Coming to the race of Merge Battle Car you can use 1,2,3 or even 4 cars. At the same time on the track, until the system announces the limit. You just need to click and these cars will automatically start and go to the destination. It’s that simple, isn’t it, but you also have to learn about each car. So, it helps you to finish the fastest, from which you will get a lot of bonuses. With the use of many vehicles to compete, the rewards will surprise you. Use it to buy and upgrade more new models. Crafting extremely cool monsters brings a sense of satisfaction to yourself.

Diverse vehicle system

One thing is very obvious that we notice, in all racing games. The car models must be really diverse and full of features for players to experience. Coming to the vehicle system of ver Merge Battle Car, you will never be disappointed. The publisher designs thousands of cars with unique and novel shapes for players to choose from. They have many different styles created by you. Each car has its own features and characteristics, but when combined into one. They will transform and become real beasts. A completely different point compared to other games of the same genre. They were bringing exciting experiences for everyone.

Game Merge Battle Car mod

Vivid Sound and Graphics

Just equip yourself with extremely minimalist 2D graphics. But game Merge Battle Car still brings extremely impressive images. From the surroundings and the cars with the extreme looks, everything turned out perfect. Movement in the game is also designed in an extremely detailed and meticulous way. To bring the best experience to players.

Download game Merge Battle Car mod

Besides, the sound system is also built in a great way. The background music of Merge Battle Car will give you a feeling of relaxation, immersed in the colorful world. In addition, the sound of the car engine as well as the sound of moving on the track. Expressed extremely clearly, bringing the best playing feeling. If you are a lover of new racing games. If you want to find yourself a new gaming feeling, create your own cars that you love. Then do not miss it, let’s explore all the interesting things about this game.

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