Merge Gardens Mod 1.28.0 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/05/2024
Merge Gardens Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Merge Gardens
Version v1.28.0
Size 145MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Futureplay


You’re tired of mind-numbing action role-playing games. Want a light game but bring many interesting things, then choose Merge Gardens Mod right away. Bringing garden care with natural scenery, and green trees. And the journey of discovery and construction creates a large garden. Contains all kinds of flowers and animals. Start with a small piece of land given a few plants. And players will need at least three trees to merge to create a new variety, gradually erasing the gray lands. Then proceed to unlock all the places covered by clouds, and uncover more mysteries in the garden itself. As well as for players to challenge with puzzles built-in match-3 style. Get moments of entertainment, and relax your mood.

Download Merge Gardens Mod – Grow, Improve Gradually For New Gardens

If you are a garden lover, then there is nothing better than having a garden to manage. Merge Gardens Mod starts with a small garden but already has some plants. There was also a large open space hidden by clouds. And players will need to merge three trees of the same type. If you want to create a larger plant that can bloom and produce pollen. Next will need animals are beautiful birds. Of course, you also need to find three eggs and put them together if you want to hatch them. It is also possible to rely on a match-3-style puzzle game. Can get rewards such as plant varieties or certain animals. Thereby creating conditions for pollination for new varieties. To remove the gray areas that exist inside the garden.Merge Gardens Mod

Match-3 Puzzle

Merge Gardens Mod builds challenges with puzzle gameplay that requires brains like a match-3 game. A Mini-game that once made a splash. To date, many publishers have applied to improve the redesign. Aim to increase the challenge, and fun of idle games. The gameplay is still the same, but certainly, the graphics have been reworked to match. With puzzle blocks built into different fruits. When players match the same blocks into a line, they will explode and drop the corresponding rewards. Help get more income to grow the garden quickly in times of deadlock.Download Merge Gardens Mod

Discover, Earn Parts Too

When entering the game Merge Gardens Mod only a small part of the garden is visible. There is also a large area surrounded by clouds and can only be owned when the conditions are met. And the job that the player needs to do is to unlock them all to get a complete garden. Discover what’s behind that cloud. There will be new crops and beautiful animals. It can also contain treasure chests with countless special gifts. Try to quickly merge crops to expand the territory. Play match-3 challenging levels to earn enough money to unlock to explore.Game Merge Gardens Mod

Store With Many Items

Don’t miss the match-3 mini-game designed in Merge Gardens Mod. In addition to developing and expanding the construction of the garden, this is also a very important part. It creates conditions for players to both challenges their intelligence and intelligence. It also helps to have more income to create a decent amount for shopping. The game is built with a shop with loads of items. As long as you have money, everything can be owned through the store. As a place, there will be a lot of items that can help to expand the garden faster. For example, all kinds of plants, and many types of animals in the form of eggs help pollinate. As well as items to decorate the garden.Tai Merge Gardens Mod

Merge Gardens Mod has been improved and added an extremely useful feature which is unlimited money mod. To give players the best experience. When you can buy many necessary items without limitation. No need to go through hard games or quests. It takes a long time to get a small amount of money. Now the more money is used, the more it will increase, so there is no problem hindering the player. Feel free to explore everything the game is designed for. Quickly build a dream-like garden with all kinds of plants and small animals.

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