Download Merge Plants MOD 1.13.14 (Menu, Unlimited Money Gold, Full Diamonds, Gems) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/02/2024
Merge Plants MOD 1.13.14 (Menu, Unlimited Money Gold, Full Diamonds, Gems)
Name Merge Plants
Version v1.13.14
Size 41MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money Gold, Full Diamonds, Gems, Free Shopping
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.


Angry fruit is nothing new. There have been many games created and developed in such a style. Merge Plants MOD APK is also among them but with completely separate gameplay. Extremely interesting and unique that you do not want to miss. Although it is still a war between plants and zombies, in a new style. There is added element of the merged category. Using two similar varieties to create a new variety with superior features. The game with each match will have certain empty cells to place the tree warrior. Enemies will have to go through on a ramp. Participating players will have to think of a way to destroy them all before disappearing. Opportunities only come once, so make the most of every moment. Constantly creating a powerful army at a high level.

Download Merge Plants Mod – Defeat To Stop All Zombies In Each Match

Any chance to survive the invasion of zombies on the beautiful city. Only stand up to fight and create an army of plants to fight back. By joining game Merge Plants – Monster Defense, players will be included in the war between the two forces. With the task of helping the fruit faction find a way to destroy all enemies if there is an offensive action. Don’t let anyone cross the line to harm others. Knowing that the enemy side is extremely strong and powerful in terms of both numbers and strength. But our side is not simple, it is important to rely on the player.

The game can completely use fusion methods to increase strength. Just earn the same children and the same level. With the new breed, the attack will certainly be much more effective. The higher it is, the easier it is to kill the enemy. Not to mention also related to nature.

Merge Plants Mod

Strategy games

Do not think that the gameplay of the simple Merge Plants Mod can be won easily. The game is designed in the tactical genre, so everything needs to be calculated. If you want to defeat all the zombies that attack the player, you need to be prepared. The squad must constantly upgrade to increase the ability to attack. As well as unlocking new anti-cells to increase the number of plants that can be laid. One more person is an extra part of strength. The change of arrangement position also needs to be focused to arrange the layout so that it is reasonable. The game is designed to be very diverse, almost every type of tree will have different abilities. If you know how to use it, the chance of winning will definitely be within reach.

Tai Merge Plants Mod

Many Plant Varieties

Talking about plants in the game Merge Plants – Monster Defense, it will never be over. Because the game is designed with a wide variety of genres and designs. Brings extremely special attack abilities. Typically, there is a cactus that shoots spikes to deal damage to enemies. Sunflowers and pea plants use seeds as an actuator. Even the seemingly useless acorn is an extremely important element in the squad. Nearly every plant becomes an inspiration for developers to include in the game. Create anthropomorphism with enough eyes and nose as well as human expressions. Extremely cute and cuddly. The game also allows them to wear very unique clothes. Create your own style that turns a seemingly soft plant into a warrior.

Game Merge Plants Mod

Strong Enemy

Merge Plants Mod in addition to having a variety of plants, the same goes for enemies opposing zombies. The game is created with many different types of zombies. Classified according to each level corresponding to the difficulty and the gates that the player needs to pass. Initially, there will be normal small ones that move slowly. Being able to defeat is extremely simple and easy. But going forward there is no shortage of species armed with shields. Blocking the attack is very difficult to deal with, killing will take a while. Not to mention the large ones, with cars to move. Losing many matches is also completely normal.

Download Merge Plants Mod

Game Merge Plants Mod is a renovated version. There should be some new features to help players during the experience. With unlimited coins, players can do some basic things like an upgrade. Enter the shop to shop to find ways to increase the overall strength of the entire squad. Reduced work for players when there is no need to earn money. Gems are the same but more precious. Equivalent to real money deposited in the game then converted to. Therefore, players will not need to spend money on virtual games. Specialized in purchasing special items.

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