Metal Empire Mod APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/12/2023
Metal Empire Mod APK 1.5.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Metal Empire: Idle Factory Inc
Version v1.5.7
Size 153MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Game Veterans


Try to manage, and create your own metal empire with Metal Empire Mod. The game was built and developed by the Game Veterans team. It will surely bring you the most interesting and unique entertainment hours. With designed leisurely gameplay, becoming a tycoon is no longer a far-fetched thing. When the game almost supports everything. The process is fully automated, just making a choice. The game has a lot of machines to give up don’t be afraid to invest. Only when fully optimized can output be increased rapidly. Thereby ensuring that the output fulfills the required goal. Be wise in your calculations. Conquer all challenges towards the highest goal, and become the leading holder of the industry.

Download Metal Empire Mod – Business Development From The Smallest Things

Metal Empire Mod as well as many other games of the same genre. With the construction gameplay, career development all need to be perfected step by step. It’s impossible to own an empire all the time. To be successful all need a process. Although reconstructed through the game, that can never change. Especially for the mining industry. A game that has the most authentic look at a business specializing in iron. Together the two parts always go toward each other. Raw extraction from storage and processing produces finished products. Of course, the input part needs to be more focused because it determines the operability. So when you first join the game, don’t be afraid to hire more workers. Of course, there will be many difficulties posed. It can be considered a challenge that the developer builds.Metal Empire Mod

Various Machines

For a manufacturing company, the investment in machinery is not to be missed. When the more modern, the greater the work efficiency. Metal Empire Mod can be divided into two parts as follows. First of all, we have to talk about transportation and mining vehicles. The game is designed with a lot of templates, so don’t be afraid to invest and shop. There are many large cars, the number of products that can be brought out of the company as well as in will certainly be larger. The second is the production machine, the furnace is used for heating and bending. With realistic elements in the design, there are almost all types of machines in the game. From small to large, an iron company has what it is for the game. Free for players to explore, unleash and develop.Game Metal Empire Mod

Employee manager

Running a company is not easy, even in the game Metal Empire Mod it is the same. Manpower is a necessity. Players need to pay more attention to this point because it is directly related to development. The game is designed with a lot of people, from all genres, carrying many different roles. It can be mentioned as operating workers, transporters, and operators … According to each characteristic and necessity, players will have to hire more accordingly. Just to ensure the operation of the entire company, when the scale is larger, it is necessary to add more workers. But to avoid redundancy when the rental price is quite high. In which the salaries of engineers and managers are extremely high.Download Metal Empire Mod

Scaling Up

The development in Metal Empire Mod is almost limitless. Join the game now to get a better view of when you are managing, creating, and operating an iron manufacturing company yourself. Starting with what is available, the small mining area workshop. Put into operation step by step towards the desire to create your own empire. Of course, it will take a long time, but everything needs to be done slowly. As long as the small jobs are done well, larger orders will surely come. Create an opportunity to get big profits. But it also entails the production capacity of the factory. You need to continuously scale up if you want to ensure output. As both quantity and quality increase day by day.Metal Empire Mod

With the unlimited money mod added in Metal Empire Mod, players will be greatly supported when experiencing. What’s better than having a huge amount of money right away when you start the game, you can buy everything you want. Especially for a development game that requires a lot of construction like this. Feel free to upgrade machinery to be modern, and transport cars to increase productivity. Not to mention, you can also hire tons of employees to work with. If there is a shortage of factory space, do not be afraid to expand. Because it is absolutely necessary to produce while having more does not cost money.

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