Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK 2.87 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK 2.87 (Unlimited Money)
Name Metal Soldiers 2
Version v2.87
Size 140MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Play365


Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is the second version created and developed by the Play365 team. The game has very unique gameplay. When combining the action fighting genre with shooting. Join, and the player will become a soldier. With countless different battlefields, spoiled for players to try. But the ultimate goal is still to conquer all, eliminate all rebels and influence everyone. Of course, it will not be easy when the opponent is also fully equipped with weapons. Accordingly, there is a large number. There are also extremely cool fighting vehicles. But don’t worry about it either. As long as the player moves flexibly, the enemy is very difficult to attack. Due to the extremely dangerous terrain, if you know how to take advantage, it will bring a huge advantage.

Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod – Destroy All Rebels On Many Dangerous Battlefields

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod has an extremely large number of enemies, so many that it can be considered an army. But the generals are not gathered in one place but divided and guarded in many different locations. And players participating in the game will have the task of destroying them all. Looking for the mastermind, a name must not be missed. Know that it will not be easy when going through the whole process. Only after completing the previous challenges can we move on. Therefore, encountering strong opponents is inevitable. As gradually the difficulty will be increased. In addition to being fully equipped with ammunition, there are also large combat vehicles. The endurance is terrible. It would be completely untrue to say that a few shots can be taken down. But don’t give up, if the opponent is strong, we will have things to make up for.Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Fighting Wisely

Don’t see that Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is built with action gameplay and ignores strategy. If you attack without planning, it is possible to lose. Be calm before every fight. Such a terrain-building game with many obstacles is not only challenge players in every aspect of the movement. If you think carefully, you can completely use that as a shield. It will actually be very effective when all weapons can’t do even the slightest damage. Especially when fighting with powerful means of the enemy. Face-to-face combat will be extremely disadvantageous when human strength cannot be compared to machines. But using your mind can change the whole situation. Such is the ultimate desire of the game.Download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Character Options

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod has a part in the role-playing genre. So the game creates a lot of characters for players to choose from. Not to mention Taked, Kitsune, Lich, River, Sabe J, Jackie, and finally Candy. Strength will of course also not make too much of a difference. Which is designed with each person will have its own advantages and disadvantages. They were all very good people, not only male but also female warriors. Appearance goes without saying when each person will have a separate shape. But it is not easy to own all of them. Only first entering the game is free to choose, the rest must be paid to expect to be included in the matches.Game Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

Weapons Equip Assorted

The most prominent thing in the game Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is the weapon. When the game was designed so many, there were countless types of guns alone. It can be considered the most common and most used, but the damage is only in the medium range. The game also has many types that are much more effective than that, including special vehicles. The new tank or plane is the real circuit weapon. When able to deal great damage, attack a wide area. Even facing an ambush, he can safely break through the encirclement. In addition, the game also has other equipment. Grenades or bombs are also scary weapons if used appropriately.Tai Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

The most typical feature of the Metal Soldiers 2 Mod version is unlimited money. Players can use it to buy themselves the necessary items. As well as weapons or equipment that increase the odds of winning in every battle. Even the most expensive items like a tank or a plane are nothing to worry about. Once using this amazing feature, money will no longer be an important thing. When the value will reach the highest limit. Used for any job can not cause the numbers to be subject to shifting.

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