Mini Football MOD 2.6.0 (Menu, Speed, Dumb enemy, Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/02/2024
Mini Football MOD 2.6.0 (Menu, Speed, Dumb enemy, Money)
Name Mini Football
Version v2.6.0
Size 147MB
MOD Features Menu, Speed, Dumb enemy, Money
Support Android 4.4+
Category Sport
Price Free


If you are a football lover. Always participate in many matches with the teams. Football has become a favorite sport of many people. Then Mini Football will be the choice not to be missed. The gameplay and rules are extremely professional, showing the class of the No. 1 sport. Entering the match with a confident attitude, the atmosphere is extremely exciting. Along with thousands of enthusiastic cheering fans, bringing excitement to the players.

The game will help you participate in the top football matches between countries around the world. Many major tournaments give players the opportunity to freely show off and show off their playing skills. The difference in graphics of the game compared to other football games. The image of the players is quite funny, the body is small but the head is very big. You can easily see this through the photos below.

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The squad when playing on the field has 11 players including: 1 goalkeeper, 5 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 strikers. This is the basic lineup, the default set up by the system for new players. Once you get used to the gameplay and gameplay. You can customize, choose the formation and tactics as you like. Entering the match, the two teams will wear jerseys representing their countries. If the opponent matches your shirt color, pay attention to the blue circle at the foot of the player. That’s a way to help players distinguish where their army is. To be able to easily control and control the player.

Mini Football is a game about a team sport. Therefore, you must always focus on coordinating the rhythm of the players on the field together. If you do not play with friends, you will have to take control of all the players in all positions on the field. Manipulation needs to be more agile and accurate than the opponent. Launch shots like a hurricane, flying straight into the opponent’s net. As well as tight defense, promptly block the kicks coming from your team. Don’t give them space to control the ball and shoot into the back of the net.

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Player system

When first entering the game, the system of game Mini Football – Mobile Soccer provides players with an available squad, free of charge. These players are not skilled, physically too full. If the player wants a strong squad, play darker. Then you can buy high-tech players in the shop. Sold at different prices from low to high. Let you freely choose, build and arrange your squad.

To own a few famous players with good playing skills is not difficult. But to have a quality squad is not easy, you have to spend a lot of coins. Train hard and try to win championships in major tournaments. Players will receive a lot of bonuses, use that money to equip your squad with the best players.

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Easy controls

When playing Mini Football, you will use virtual keys on the screen to control and control the squad on the field. Depending on the position of each player, they will automatically run to the rolling ball. Your job is to choose the right player to hold the ball, dribble and score. In particular, pay attention to the circle below the player’s feet. As an enemy, it will be red, and blue is your team. Focus, observe carefully, control the players to move smoothly. Walk the ball, pass the ball to teammates in a favorable position, without being accompanied by anyone. Get ready to shoot the ball into the opponent’s net and bring victory to your team.

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The rules of the game are quite strange

The rules of the game in version Mini Football are not convincing, making players extremely uncomfortable. Whether a player is fouled or fouled it is difficult to complain. The referee in the field only plays the role of controlling certain situations. Like serve, throw-in, penalties and time of the game. At times like these, instead of being angry, stay calm. Stay focused on the game leading the players to score and win.

Graphics are adequate but beautiful

Mini Football game is designed by the publisher with quite special graphics. Unlike other familiar football games. The image is meticulously polished, creating a feeling of comfort for the player. The developer has been very successful in breathing life into the game. Thanks to the extremely funny and cute character creation. Help players have a different look, create a comfortable feeling when participating in the match. Combined with lively sound, changing rhythmically through each different context. The game has a funny, witty style that makes you laugh, creating a feeling of closeness every time you play. Because of the very good exploitation of the entertainment factor, it is well received by many people.

Mini Foolball Mod

When downloading the Mini Football version, players will experience many interesting features. Speeding ahead of the enemy to steal the ball is a very necessary thing in every match. Give players speed, dribbling distance. Bring laughter, satisfy passion with friends or relatives after stressful working hours.

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