Minion Rush Mod APK 9.5.1a (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/11/2023
Minion Rush Mod APK 9.5.1a (Unlimited Money)
Name Minion Rush
Version v9.5.1a
Size 124MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Gameloft SE


Minion Rush Mod is inspired by the movie of the same name. A famous cartoon movie all over the world. Talk about super crazy cute and funny minions. The game has attracted great attention from gamers all over the world. Here the player will turn into a mischievous Minion. On the endless journey, you will have to control the Minion master to overcome many obstacles. At the same time, you will collect bananas along the way to increase resources and upgrade. At the end of each level, the system presents an extremely dangerous challenge, which can be considered an important door to go through. To be able to level up, you will be transferred to a new location. The game has easy-to-understand gameplay suitable for all ages. The Casual genre is storming the game charts.

Download Minion Rush Mod – Help the Minions collect a lot of bananas

Like many other endless running games, Minion Rush Mod has simple controls. So that players can easily access the game. Even if it’s a beginner to the game. You will have to control Minion on three running tracks. When encountering an obstacle, you just need to swipe left, right, or up to help the character dodge safely. And don’t forget to collect bananas that fall on the run. Because bananas will help a lot for the next journey.

Minion Rush Mod

Starting to play Minion Rush Mod, there will be many surprises waiting for you ahead. This is the reason why many players have to make unfortunate sacrifices and waste time running. Missed the new record and returned empty-handed to the starting line. So you have to be very attentive, focused, and alert. And handle the situation skillfully. Running speed will increase over time, which means that obstacles will appear continuously and densely. The only way to survive is to practice playing regularly and hard. Helps you improve your reflexes, decisive action, and sensitivity.

Collect the necessary items

In Minion Rush Mod there are also great support items. They help players get high scores, and improve survivability. For example, Golden Shield will break obstacles. Fluffy unicorn rides Minion on a unicorn and takes it to the banana shop. Mega Minion turns the character into a giant that destroys everything. The magnet will attract all nearby bananas.

Minion Rush Mod

Note: These special tools can only be used for a limited time. So you have to use them sensibly to get the best performance on the track.

Character system and map

I believe there is no game with a richer character inventory than Minion Rush Mod. Because the game gives players hundreds of different character models based on funny images of minions. You can find a dwarf one-eyed astronaut, a bubbly businessman, and a superhero, …. There are many other characters waiting for you to discover and unlock. You can easily unlock characters by completing quests and collecting bonuses to buy characters.

Minion Rush Mod

The map system in Minion Rush Mod is also really rich beyond your imagination. The map system will expand to many new locations according to your level. It can be a beach, a street, a futuristic city, a church, etc. Every time you accumulate enough points, you can unlock a new map. Each run is a different map so it will never let you down.

Graphics and sound quality

The graphics of the Minion Rush Mod game are extremely beautiful and attractive. Designed on 3D graphics, the clear image is very similar to the movie. Nice lighting effects when the character appears. Bright colors make the scene come to life. Charming and funny Minion always appears in a completely new look. That has melted the hearts of fans, the sound is as diverse and lively as in the movie.

Download Minion Rush Mod

When work pressure makes you feel stuck or depressed. Come to Minion Rush Mod for entertainment after stressful working and studying hours. The gameplay is simple, so it won’t take long for you to get used to it. Skillfully control the character, dodge all obstacles, and collect a lot of bananas. Those are the tasks that you have to do in this game. Don’t miss this game because it will be the best experience for you. Explore the colorful and fun world of Minions through your phone screen. In addition, the game also offers many missions to challenge your obstacle avoidance skills. You will surely experience moments of great entertainment and relaxation. What are you waiting for without downloading this game right away to your phone?

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