Mob Control MOD 2.71.1 (Menu, Unlimited money, 1 billion coins, full cards, VIP, unlocked everything, free shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/05/2024
Mob Control MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money, 1 billion coins, full cards, VIP, unlocked everything, free shopping)
Name Mob Control
Version v2.71.1
Size 66MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, 1 billion coins, full cards, VIP, unlocked everything, free shopping
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers VOODOO


Mob Control MOD APK is a popular game from publisher VOODOO. Where you will discover a new and exciting fighting style. In this game, you can win over many allies with just a gentle gesture. Extend your dominance as your army’s strength increases continuously. Instead of using traditional weapons, you will fight by summoning “Mob” soldiers. From an advanced machine, create a huge force to overwhelm the enemy. This is a game that requires wisdom and strategy to win without making any mistakes.

Download Mob Control Mod APK – Shoot soldiers to defend and capture the enemy castle

Hostile forces are plotting to take over your territory in the world of this game. This is your opportunity to assert your dominant position. Your character will constantly move on his path. And your role is to ensure their safety. You need to decide when to change direction. Choose paths that can attract the most participants. The larger your army, the higher your chances of victory as you reach your destination to confront your enemies. The best players will be honored and receive attractive gifts. Join and experience, perfect your skills in this game.

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Mob Control is not simply a game, but an addictive experience. By controlling an army of funny characters. You must take them to the destination to invade the stronghold. Strengthen your troops and use “Mob” artillery shells to destroy your opponents. To win, you need to destroy the enemy base. Build and strengthen your army. Establish a strong army and complete every mission with excellence.

Overcome all impromptu barriers

Classic hurdles are not difficult for you to see, especially when the match is going on. The enemy can attack and even win if your army is not strong enough. Therefore, strengthening your army is extremely important. By using continuous and non-stop shooting skills. You can deploy a large force, strong enough to overcome enemies and expand your territory. In addition, upgrading cannons is something that cannot be ignored. Besides, there is a smart division of soldiers. Let the “Mob” army have access cards from two different doors and join forces to fight. You can achieve victory in any situation, no matter how difficult.

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The special attraction of Mob Control is the requirement to use basic mathematical calculations. You need to apply calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to optimize the number of soldiers you create. However, there are not always favorable options. And sometimes, you will face situations that are not ideal. At higher levels, quick and accurate calculations and selections become extremely important. So pay attention and make the smartest decisions for your army.

Defend firmly and attack despite all pitfalls

Next to the gates transform the quantity in a positive direction. The path in the game is also full of traps, causing disadvantages for players. These traps are designed to destroy your army and the enemy. From speeding chainsaws, slamming doors, to enemies blocking your path, and many other obstacles. To survive, you must react quickly and stay away from them as thoroughly as possible. Conditions on the road will affect your fight. Therefore, you need to try to minimize the damage to your army.

Don’t forget your most important task in Mob Control Mod is to protect your tower. By building sturdy towers. You can win and defend your territory. The tower was built in a palace style, creating a large and comfortable campus. Along with protecting the tower, you also need to expand your territory by building foundations in many different locations. This helps you strengthen your position and win. You can climb the tower, confidently marking your possession.

Hack Mob Control MOD APK Mở khóa tất cả

Collect the most powerful cards

Special cards are valuable rewards that players can win in the game. They are only unlocked after completing various levels and missions. The game Mob Control introduced cards filled with special powers, including:

  • Cannon Control Card: This card provides energy to control the Cannon accurately, activating special powers to help the army preserve and increase the ability to overwhelm opponents.
  • Warrior Enhancement Card: The more warriors you collect, the more the Cannon’s power is enhanced, creating a stronger force.
  • War Loot Card: During battle, you will collect many war loot to use for upgrades.
  • Possess and Upgrade: By collecting and possessing cards, your army will become stronger, especially when combined with other upgrade modes.

Collecting these cards not only helps strengthen your talents and fighting techniques, but also brings a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Hack Mob Control MOD APK Unlimited money cards

MOD features of Mob Control APK

  • Menu MOD
  • Unlimited Money, Diamonds
  • Full money/coins
  • Max Level
  • Unlock all cards
  • Unlock VIP
  • Unlock everything
  • Free purchase

Sometimes, simple games are a way to help us relax more effectively. Mob Control Mod is a typical example. With simple and accessible gameplay, it brings you exciting and new moments of entertainment. Even though the 3D image is simple and familiar, it always attracts players’ attention. Idle gameplay helps you quickly grasp and learn each skill in seconds. The game creates a colorful world with realistic movements. In which the laws of physics apply to all your actions. Let’s explore the interesting things this game brings right now.

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