Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD (Menu, Hack Map, Unlimited money, skills)

By MinhDuc - New update 08/05/2024
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD {{version}} (Menu, Hack Map, Unlimited money, skills)
Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Version v1.8.79.9552
Size 166MB
MOD Features Menu, Hack Map, Unlimited money, skills
Support Android 4.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Moonton


Surely 5vs5 games are not too strange to everyone. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a super product exclusively for the mobile platform. Considered to be the rival of many games of the same type. Therefore, right from the launch, it created a worldwide fever. You will find exciting online battles with other players around the world. Your task is to choose your favorite champion. Along with the right path and join the 5v5 battle. Here, skill and strategy are important factors, that help to bring about victory. But not money. Furthermore, none of the boosters give you an advantage. That is the key to making the game attractive. Need to improve my skills and thinking to conquer the rank and reach the MVP of every battle.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod – Online 5vs5 Strategy Gameplay

Perhaps you are no stranger to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Because its popularity has spread all over the world. The heat of the game comes from the 5v5 MOBA gameplay. Along with that come many improvements and new features. Join the game, you can choose training mode, normal or ranked. In any mode, you join 4 random players and occupy a specific spot in the team. There are 5 positions corresponding to 5 champion picks. You need to choose a champion that suits your position and preferences. Combine generals to create a powerful squad. The connection between champions is an important factor. To interact, you can use chat or microphone features.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod

Join the battle of skill, strategy

Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang brings fiery battles. For 10 minutes, the player’s goal is to destroy all of the opponent’s defensive towers. But to do that, you need to beat your opponent’s champions. To defeat them, it is necessary to increase equipment and level. Starting at level 1 and without any equipment. Need to fight soldiers or jungle monsters. To get experience points, from their level up. Get more money to be able to buy equipment. Thus, the higher the level, the stronger the hero’s power. All players in the battle get better and better and have to compete with each other. To achieve big goals, you need to destroy all defenses to destroy the main house.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod

Resource disputes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod. This will lead to a skill battle between 10 players. To gain an advantage, you must first be at or above your opponent’s level. Along with that is a large amount of equipment. Next, coordinate movements and use skills competently and fluently. Each champion has a maximum of 3 main skills. Basic attack and 3 summoner spells. Your task is to combine them logically. To create powerful attack combos or effective defense against enemies. Finally, an equally important factor. It is coordination with allies. You must combine skills to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. Team up, support each other and take home victory.

Unlock a diverse collection of champions

Diverse general system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Make a difference compared to other games of the same type. There are hundreds of generals of many different types. Typically tank, gladiator, assassin, mage, gunner, and support. Each champion type has its own unique power, ability, and new lane. In addition, each champion has advantages and disadvantages. Same skill set and separate passive. This parameter should be considered before deciding to buy a champion. The generals are also suitable for many different positions. But usually mid-lane mage, archer, and support bot lane. Gladiators and tankers will go to the top lane and eventually the assassin will go to the jungle.

Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod

Premium graphics and sound

Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is well designed by the publisher. The built image is extremely sharp. Same top-down view with beautiful details. All the characters are designed extremely lively and attractive. The forest area is meticulously depicted with a lot of mysterious creatures, the riverside area, the bushes… All the characters are designed extremely vividly, and attractively with beautiful skins. Therefore, the total battles are really the most vivid and eye-catching moments.

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod

If you are looking for a MOBA game on your mobile. Then don’t ignore Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod. You will fall in love with the diverse champion system, unique abilities, stunning effects, and beautiful graphics. Realistic graphics and vivid leaderboards. There are many more automatic target locking features. Smart target selection helps players finish opponents easily. Join the experience now for multiple ranks in the game.

Outstanding features in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Moba gameplay is familiar but is reproduced on Android and iOS phones.
  • 3D graphics with a design similar to that of League of Legends.
  • The control interface is easy to control with one side is to move the other side is the function key.
  • English language support.
  • The map allows 10 players to participate in 5v5 mode, you can play PvP or play against AI.
  • Each match is not too long, 10 minutes for each match is the most suitable time.
  • And many more features are waiting for you to discover it.
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