Modern Strike Online MOD 1.64.4 (Menu, Full Unlimited money, gold, ammo, no reload, Immortality)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
Modern Strike Online MOD {{version}} (Menu, Full Unlimited money, gold, ammo, no reload, Immortality)
Name Modern Strike Online
Version v1.64.4
Size 1GB
MOD Features Menu, Full Unlimited money, gold, ammo, no reload, Immortality
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Azur Interactive Games Limited


Modern Strike Online is an action shooter game with built-in 3D graphics. Join the game, where players will have countless battles to try. Not only one gameplay but divided into many modes. Each type will bring completely different ways to play. The battlefields are flaming with bombs reaching endlessly, constantly discharging each other. Cruel in every moment and can cost your life if not careful. The game allows players to know more about the cruelty of war. As well as learn to discover many types of weapons that really exist in the military. There may be a lot of difficulties, but that is the purpose of the game. When desired, players can constantly improve themselves in many aspects. Such as the acumen in handling the situation.

Download Modern Strike Online Mod – Ready To Try All The Fierce Gun Fights

Modern Strike Online is built with a lot of modes according to which there will also be different ways to play. But no matter what, fighting with guns still applies. Players participating in the game will still be brought into the battlefield. Of course, how to play is completely dependent on choice. Fully equipped with weapons, the damage that can be done is huge. In the fight, there will be no concessions when bullets are the thing that has no eyes. If you are not careful or are a little soft-hearted, it can completely cost you your life. When the enemy is the same. The goal of surviving and getting a high score is the most important as well as the priority. Be always ready in all situations, must have specific calculations before entering the fight. Don’t be blindly greedy.

Modern Strike Online Mod

Various Modes

Game Modern Strike Online is known as an online FPS shooting game. Requires a network connection to be able to fight with other players. But that is not enough, the game is also designed with many more modes, spoiled for players to try. The first is Team Deathmatch, in which two teams are brought into a battlefield. Assigned to occupy the location marked on the map. The result will be determined by the score calculated by the time to own that place. The second is the deathmatch mode, where solitary battles will be fought. Finally, there is the bomb mode, which can be said to be the most interesting. When one team will take on the role of the terrorist and the other team will carry out the work to defuse the bombs that have been placed by the opponent.

Download Modern Strike Online Mod

Modern Equip Weapons

To ensure the shooting element, the Modern Strike Online Mod game creates an inventory of many types of weapons and equipment. Free for players to collect, to have for themselves the most modern guns used in battles. You are guaranteed a chance to win when you find one that suits your fighting style. First, about equipment, the game is designed with armor, gloves, and hats that limit damage from the enemy. As for the first aid kit, used while injured will be able to heal. Weapons are even more diverse, each gun alone has countless types. Among them are typical rifles, snipers, pistols, shotguns, etc. Not to mention other things like grenades, the damage caused is extremely terrible.

Tai Modern Strike Online Mod

Many Maps To Try

Version Modern Strike Online is designed with a lot of maps. According to the information that can be known, now there should be 14 types. Those are battlefields designed based on many different ideas. Not only can the landscape be changed with the desire to make players have an interesting feeling. But every blade of grass along the way to the works will be completely renewed. Partly to be able to increase the challenge, when the new place will make players have to re-acquaint themselves. While if you just go back and forth to one place, remembering each way is completely possible. Grasping the terrain, it is very simple to ambush the enemy.

Game Modern Strike Online Mod

With the Modern Strike Online Mod version, players will have for themselves the unlimited ammo mod feature. That is, during battle, no matter how many shots the player shoots, the number of bullets will forever remain unchanged. For other games, this might be nothing. But in shooting games, this is a very useful thing. Normally, players will be afraid to pull the trigger, due to restrictions. While with the mod, that is no longer a problem. Feel free to fire bullets, even if it’s just doubt, don’t be afraid. Sometimes survival or loss of life is simply separated by a bullet.

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