Download Monopoly Tycoon Mod 1.7.2 (Unlocked All) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 08/03/2024
Monopoly Tycoon Mod 1.7.2 (Unlocked All)
Name Monopoly Tycoon
Version v1.7.2
Size 254MB
MOD Features Unlocked All
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Marmalade Game Studio


Monopoly Tycoon Mod once ruled the world’s children. The era when modern games and devices like today have not yet arrived. At that time, the game had a staggering 700 million players worldwide. Now it appears as a symbol of old childhood. We all had a wonderful time. Technology is evolving to play this game according to current trends. Publisher Marmalade Game Studio has designed the application for mobile phones, making it easy for players to download.

Download Monopoly Tycoon Mod – An entertaining game to relax anytime, anywhere

Monopoly Tycoon Mod introduces players to a new concept compared to board games. Build a city with loads of modern architecture or high value. The game content is entertaining and simple. Allows players to implement urbanization plans to create a new beauty for their plans. Depending on the creativity of each person, they can begin to form the foundation for the city. Create one of the most densely populated and prosperous development.

Familiar and interesting gameplay

The gameplay of the game will not be much different from the rules of the game in real life. The most important thing is that you will still remember, and keep your emotions like when playing. Monopoly Tycoon Mod starts by placing his mascot in the game slot. The game will begin to roll the dice according to each player’s turn. There will be 40 different slots, including 18 different attributes, three community chests, three opportunity chests, one luxury tax slot, and one income tax tile. You will take money to invest in real estate and the money will be given to you by the company at the start of the game for you to invest. After the end of a turn and return to the Go square, you will receive more money to continue using.

Complete 3D design

Monopoly Tycoon Mod unlocks a complete economic system based on 3D design. Specific buildings and streets are intertwined. You can even unleash the economic advantages of many cities with your talents. Each city is both familiar and strange, with its own characteristics and architectural style. There are also other interesting elements that will be unlocked when a certain level is reached. Model citizens who enjoy the city you build. The more you play, the more new cities you unlock. There are more conditions to turn it into a happier, more beautiful city. Get closer to the ladder of becoming a future billionaire.

Become a smart investor

Selling real estate wisely and profitably will help players make a lot of money. Monopoly Tycoon Mod controls your mascot to stop at a cell that no one has, then you can buy it. To be able to own it, you need to deposit money in the bank. You will then be issued a permit that proves the owner of the place. If you don’t want to buy it, you can put it up for auction to get the best price. If anyone can pass his land, he will have to pay rent according to the rules of the game.

Challenge your luck

Monopoly Tycoon Mod has a community chest system. There is a very rare chance of getting a chest, which requires a high level of luck to win. Not everyone is lucky enough to open it. Please try your best. You could also get a huge fortune or end up having to renovate. When you complete the mission on the card, the card will disappear and you can use the card to get out of jail. The one who goes bankrupt will be the loser. The winner will be the person with the most wealth and property. You can also set a time and decide who wins or loses during that time period.

Join mini-games

Mini-games are a great addition in Monopoly Tycoon Mod to keep players entertained. Give them additional rewards for a job well done. These mini-games are all creative and change frequently. Bringing people many moments of entertainment through friendly concepts. Some mini-games will appear in the arrangement of items, find the difference, connect the wires, etc. to let players relax while managing a complex city.

Build relationships  _

A real billionaire is always a successful businessman. You don’t need to create relationships, but at least you need people who can help you with your work and future direction. If billionaire chess on paper lacks this relational quality, then this is the strength of Monopoly Tycoon Mod. In every city you go to, there will be a lot of cute, quirky, or funny citizens. They need your help to revive the city and will also give you investment tokens.

Download Monopoly Tycoon Mod and experience a comfortable and rich life. The game promises to bring players a valuable experience. Take care of a city of your own with endless creativity. They can do anything with their city, but everything needs to have a process and meet the necessary standards for the people to have absolute sympathy. Moreover, they can freely expand the city or collect countless famous buildings in the world. Create the most luxurious or prosperous cities.

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