Download Monster Battle Mod APK 15.0 (Unlimited Gems) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 10/01/2024
Monster Battle Mod APK 15.0 (Unlimited Gems)
Name Monster Battle
Version v15.0
Size 114MB
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Tap Pocket


Monster Battle Mod is a unique battle simulation game. Created and developed by the Tap Pocket team. The game brings a new world where monsters reign. With tons of races with different types of power. Join the player will be a coach. Bring in the task of taming, creating your own team of monsters. Use that as a basis to go to battle and fulfill the request. Conquer new lands and explore the entire world. Exchange, compete with other players from there constantly developing. Earn rewards and treasures for improvement materials. Aim for the strongest position, holding a series of powerful monsters. Ready to destroy all opponents when daring to challenge.

Download Monster Battle Mod – Train Monsters To Take To Battle

If you are a lover of the training genre, then Monster Battle Mod is a great choice. When the game is built by the developer with a series of different monsters. Full of genres, and extremely diverse. Not only the difference in appearance but the skills are also created by hundreds. Based on properties in nature. It can be mentioned as fire, water, ice, etc., and more freedom to explore. No one is the strongest, it all depends on the player. Who will become a trainer when participating in the game? A strong squad is having all the elements, offsetting each other’s advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there won’t be too many resources at first. But all of them have to find themselves by competing and conquering challenges. There will be difficulties and strong enemies. But don’t give up, Try to learn and constantly improve the strength of the whole squad. Create the most powerful army of monsters.Tai Monster Battle Mod

How to Fight

Monster Battle Mod is built with a very unique way of fighting. From the outside, many people may think that the game fights by moving, and attacking. But no, in the game, the player will compete in the field of cards. That is, in turn, each monster will fight one by one to see which team can last to the end and win. With the blood column at the bottom of the foot used as a form of evaluation, when approaching zero, it is also officially destroyed. Her skill is almost impossible to promote, the only determining factor is the ability to train and develop the squad. Having powerful monsters with great combat power is the most important thing that directly affects victory or defeat.Monster Battle Mod

Power Level Up

In Monster Battle Mod, in addition to finding rare and high-quality monsters. But you have the power to reach the legend so players can completely use other ways to improve their strength. That is to use the upgrade feature and increase the star. A normal species can completely molt after successful evolution. Even gained new strength enough to overwhelm all opponents. For each monster, the ability is divided into many different attributes. Attack, defense, endurance, resistance, etc. can all be enhanced. By spending the required amount of resources. There will be requirements made, ensuring the number of people just press to make progress.Download Monster Battle Mod

Conquer More Territory

Talking the battles created in Monster Battle Mod, can be seen as infinite. As the developer builds up with a lot of tournaments. Talk about playing against other players or against the machine. Full of worthy opponents to enjoy. The most typical is the territorial conquest. A place where new things exist but need to be explored. The land containing rare or legendary monsters also appeared from there. Players need to participate in the battle to win to be able to unlock. Of course, it won’t be that simple. Because that is the real challenge that the game aims to assess the player’s level. The ultimate goal must be achieved, always improving your squad to conquer the whole.Game Monster Battle Mod

Game Monster Battle Mod has been remade based on the official version. In terms of gameplay, there is almost no difference. The only thing that has changed is the added gems infinite mod feature. Aim to help players reduce pressure. When almost everything in the game requires money. As we know, everything is difficult at first, and strength is not enough to fight. Only by constantly improving our strength can we have hope. But upgrading monsters will be very expensive. With a large initial capital, everything will be transported a lot easier.

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