Monster Demolition MOD APK 2.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

By QUYNH XG - New update 24/12/2023
Monster Demolition MOD APK 2.1.0 (Unlimited Money)
Name Monster Demolition
Latest Version v2.1.0
File capacity 156MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 7.0+
Category Racing
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers SayGames Ltd


If you are a lover of destruction, then Monster Demolition is born for you. This is a hit game provided by SayGames Ltd. This game is provided and works well on all mobile phone devices. In the game, you play as a truck driver. Being assigned the extremely important task of saving humanity from giant monsters. The more you work, the more success you will achieve. Players can perform the same action in all levels, only locations, enemies, and cars change. You can also attach a variety of weapons to the vehicle to deal extra damage. It’s worth the experience, isn’t it?

Monster Demolition is a destruction game that takes you to the pixel style apocalypse. Climb into the car, put your foot on the pedal and take action immediately in this super fun demolition game. Win by hitting giant monsters head-on several times in a row. Now let’s explore the interesting points of this game.

Download Monster Demolition MOD – Drive forward to defeat monsters to save the world

Monster Demolition set in a post-apocalyptic world where giant monsters invade. And humanity is in danger of extinction. These beasts roam and wreak havoc everywhere. Causing horror to many people. However, this world already has you. Be a truck driver with an intense passion for monster destruction. Drive your own car through the streets and use it to crash monsters. Time your attacks carefully and avoid obstacles like spikes in the road and fireballs launched by enemies.

Monster Demolition mod apk unlimited money
Monster Demolition mod apk unlimited money

Your survival will depend on your execution strategy. Therefore, you have to balance between speed, trajectory and accuracy to take down the evil monsters out there. This game will make your heart pound. However, this is also a game that helps you test your reflexes and improve your strategic abilities. Try to save humanity from total destruction.

Outstanding feature

Fast-paced gameplay: Monster Demolition Mod delivers thrilling, high-speed action that will keep you on your toes from start to finish.

Continuous Action: The perfect collision also failed to take down the giant monsters the first time. So defeat them with consecutive attacks until the enemy crumbles into pieces.

Dodge attacks from monsters: Monsters will not stand still for you to attack them. Get ready to dodge fireballs, spikes on the road, and bombs thrown.

There are up to 52 different giant monsters for you to destroy, including dinosaurs, superheroes,… Each enemy has their own strengths and weaknesses, you will have to adjust your destruction strategy accordingly. to win in the end.

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Game Monster Demolition has 8 beautiful and unique locations in the game. From high-rise buildings in the city to snow-covered mountain peaks, you are spoiled for choice. Lovely weather pattern. The game has diverse weather conditions, from quiet, sunny to heavy rain and snow. These will affect your driving performance and beware.

Rich Power-Up arsenal: Every time you damage a monster, you will receive equipment, which can be used to upgrade, including rocket launchers, giant bombs or increase the size of the monster. vehicles, power up for the next clash.

Know how to accelerate properly

In the Monster Demolition, the bigger and faster your car is, the more damage you can inflict on your opponents. As well as slaying many giant monsters. Brings you closer to victory. A very good point of the game is that you can try as many times as you want until you succeed. So don’t worry at all. Enemies will often shoot lasers at you. So, how do you maneuver while accelerating. You just need to pinch the screen with your finger and deftly move around.

Game Monster Demolition MOD

Stay focused and take your time when targeting monsters or navigating difficult terrain. Hitting the right spot and maintaining a steady pace are both important factors to your success. Use power-ups to your advantage, especially when running low on health or energy. These can help you take down all the toughest monsters faster and easier.

Upgrade your own car

To make progress during gameplay, the developers of Monster Demolition Mod have implemented a pumping system. It allows you to improve your car. You can make it heavier, faster and more maneuverable. The vehicle level will be greatly improved in terms of both its visuals as well as its features. Try to earn money as you pass levels, destroying statues. To upgrade your car into the most perfect car. Always be ready to upgrade your truck and skills as new obstacles and enemies are constantly introduced into the game. This is also an opportunity to help you adapt and have extremely new experiences.

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With beautiful pixel graphics, Monster Demolition is a refreshing change from the surreal visuals found in many modern games. Immersive sound effects draw you into thrilling action. This is a fun and challenging game. Requires both speed and precision to succeed, a great choice for fun breaks. Let’s download the game and destroy the giant monsters, save the world is extremely dangerous.

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