Download Monster Tales Mod APK 1.0.120 (Menu, High Damage) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Monster Tales Mod APK 1.0.120 (Menu, High Damage)
Name Monster Tales: Match 3 RPG
Version v1.0.120
Size 158MB
MOD Features Menu, High Damage
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Tangelo Games Corp


Monster Tales Mod is a game built with a variety of monsters. But not fighting style of direct fighting action. The game follows the familiar match-3 puzzle game style. Engage in battles with other opponents, and attack with skills. By finding solutions to puzzles, making blocks of similar shape line up in a row. At the same time, when participating in the game, there is also the task of nurturing. Take care of creating powerful monsters to fight. Prove yourself as a professional trainer. A strong warrior with adventure and a long journey. Test your mind against countless opponents who are professional trainers. With other types of monsters with other powers.

Download Monster Tales Mod – Challenging Battle By Brain Puzzle Match-3

Join the game Monster Tales Mod players will be transported into a new world. A place where countless different types of monsters coexist with humans. And players when participating in the game will have a long journey with challenges set to test their talents. Test the player’s monster training and intelligence. When given the important task of nurturing, try to care for the eggs. Create the most powerful monsters to compete, and fight with other trainers. By solving puzzles with the legendary match-3 puzzle game. Find ways to move so that more than three blocks of the same shape form a straight line. Make them cancel each other to create attacks. Or calculate energy, heal. Try to eat as much as you can in one go to defeat all of your opponent’s monsters. Become the winner as the one with the monster surviving.Monster Tales Mod

Variety of Monster Warriors

To say that Monster Tales Mod is the world of monsters is not an exaggeration. When the game was created by the developer and built up to 180 different types of monsters. They have different characteristics, shapes, and powers. It is divided into five systems of elements in nature such as light, darkness, fire, earth, and water. And the shape will depend and those systems, such as those that shoot fireballs, will be red. Or attacking with water attacks will have a calming effect when the body is blue. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, almost no one is stronger than the other. So spoiled for players to choose, or go all income to challenge yourself. Winning in battles depends on the player.Download Monster Tales Mod

Quest Rewards

The task is not too strange for gamers. Since almost any game created has this function, Monster Tales Mod is no exception. But it is worth mentioning here that the rewards can be received when completing the task. It is entirely possible for the player to obtain rare, legendary, or epic items. Unlocking can get powerful monsters, bearing great power. Which even only a small number of new players have to own. Or special drugs, money can be earned and found through quests. Just work hard, surely the rewards won’t make players disappointed.Tai Monster Tales Mod

Monster Level

Monster Tales Mod has a variety of monsters. Usually, there will also be some species that are stronger than the rest right from the egg. But that’s not what determines their strength. Completely normal can help players defeat opponents with legendary monsters. Partly, of course, also relies on clever puzzle solving. But also can’t ignore the level of the monsters. And in this game will be divided into the number of stars, the higher the power will be superior. If it helps to upgrade to the maximum level, absolutely not inferior to any monster. Participating in victory is guaranteed when you can attack to deal great damage as well as increase your defense.Game Monster Tales Mod

The mod feature of Monster Tales Mod added here is high damage. Bringing a huge advantage to players when using. Since the game is a fighting game, it is inevitable to attack the opponent. With great damage, it is completely possible to overwhelm all of the opponent’s monsters. When I solve the puzzle, I can eat the attack. With just one hit, it can be much better than killing the opponent and his monster. Not to mention skills, if used, the destruction of concentration will become extremely simple. Every battle will be easy.

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