Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod APK 1.9.5 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked, Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/01/2024
Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod APK 1.9.5 (Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked, Speed)
Name Monster Truck Vlad & Niki
Version v1.9.5
Size 186MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Gold, Unlocked, Speed
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Hippo Kids Games


In all games about children’s education. Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod is considered to be the game that young people love the most. Because this is speed racing. Join the game, to immerse yourself in the world of Vlas and Niki. With racing features for young children. Animal kids will now have a mix of competition and terrain elements. Open many competitions at different levels. With an extremely simple control mechanism, very easy to use. It promises to bring exciting races. To perfect the experience, help the little ones have a good time while participating. Developer Hippo Kids Games has provided some unique features. More vehicles can now be discovered. Learn about the surroundings during each race. From there, the children can open their minds and help them be sharper in each race.

Download Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod – Competition Between Giant Monster Cars

Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod opens extremely thrilling races. Each match is organized according to each level of play. Here, the player will have to accompany the character to control the vehicle. Confront trucks and many other monsters. Along with that, conquer difficult terrains, and overcome obstacles. Complete the lead to win prizes. The performance of each race is indicated by the number of gold stars, up to a maximum of 3 stars. The reward received after completing the race is gold coins. Then it is possible to start a race at a new level. The racing environment will change, and the terrain will become more difficult. Along with the longest routes are gradually opened. On top of that, the abilities of the opponents improved. It will bring many difficult challenges, it takes a lot of effort to win.Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod

Many difficult challenges

Start by participating in the Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod off-road races. You have to compete with many formidable opponents. Facing many difficulties at the same time. Cars or wooden boxes appear on the street… Don’t worry, with the size of giant monster trucks, they can completely crush them. However, special attention should be paid to the terrain. This is a factor that directly affects race results.Game Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod

Rough and uneven terrain in Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod. Placed together with customer trucks, vans, and excavators,… They will create obstacles in the terrain. This makes the racing car unstable and can overturn at any time. At the same time, the speed will be reduced every time it encounters an obstacle. This can create an opportunity for the opponent to leave you far behind. In addition, should pay attention to the fuel consumption will decrease gradually with the distance traveled. From there, it is possible to refuel the car, avoiding having to stop in the middle of the road.

Control skill

In monster truck racing in Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod in general. Or any other games of the same kind. Skill is the core factor for players to win. Get to the finish line first and win against the rest of the opponents. Need to observe the terrain in front to increase and decrease the speed accordingly. Move skillfully through the obstacles. From then on, being the first player to finish was just a matter of course. However, the difficulty will depend on each level. The more demanding later, the player needs to improve the vehicle. Constantly cultivating more experience to achieve high efficiency in the next races. Also, don’t forget to collect gold coins. They appear during the race. Try to collect as many as you can to unlock and buy more Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod

The heat of Monster Truck Vlad & Niki Mod is undeniable. It offers an extremely diverse vehicle system. Each car has its own unique character. Typical such as Fast, Energy, Hot Race, Dinosaur Car, Metal,… There are also many other unique vehicles. All of them have very impressive designs in many different styles. Combined with a large motor, high performance can be achieved. Especially when you have a great set of tires. However, the car purchase amount is not the same. By collecting a lot of gold coins, you can choose your favorite car. In addition, money can also be used to upgrade racing cars. Change a set of tires to make it bigger and more impressive. At the same time, the car gets dirty after races. The hose can be used to clean the car, removing the outer layer of dirt.

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