Mortal Kombat MOD 5.3.1 (Increase Damage, Defense)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Mortal Kombat MOD {{version}} (Increase Damage, Defense)
Name Mortal Kombat
Version v5.3.1
Size 1GB
MOD Features Increase Damage, Defense
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Warner Bros. International Enterprises


If you love fighting-style action games, then don’t miss Mortal Kombat. It can be considered that this is a legendary game, appearing in the 9x era, which was well received by many people. The game is now available on the mobile platform, published by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. With the development of legendary game graphics, there are now many improvements to bring the most authentic experience to players. The matches are intense, and tough to the point of suffocation. With effects to create damaging attacks. The rich skillsets are pleasing to the eye, the characters are warriors but have different styles with different temperaments. Download the game now to experience, and test yourself with the ability to control towards victory over all opponents.

Download Mortal Kombat MOD – Beautiful Fighting Matches

Mortal Kombat can be said to be one of the leading names in the direct fighting genre. Created in the early years when the game began to gain popularity that until now no game has been able to replace or surpass it. Because the game is always focused on the player, sophisticated design from attacks to movements, and beautiful skill sets with high effects. And to give attacks, it is necessary to know how to combine many buttons together. To hit the required skill sets, it is necessary to coordinate movements in a certain sequence. Everything requires the influence of the player, requiring a certain skill. But that is the attractive difference, letting everyone feel like becoming a real warrior participating in the matches.


Diverse Character System

Mortal Kombat MOD has a diverse character system with 130 different warriors. Including veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zer, etc. have been following the game since the early days of its release. The version on the phone has now been updated with new people. Skill as well as design with higher damage. There are muscular people and small people, women are no exception with many styles, diversifying the costumes of the warriors. Make sure to let players have a variety of options, and not get bored by the old characters. It is completely possible to upgrade and develop the character to achieve higher strength and increase the odds of winning in battles.


Online Competition

To expand the interaction between players Mortal Kombat on the mobile version now has an online feature. You can completely connect to the network to be able to participate in tournaments between players around the world. Thus, your skill will be increased because you will be confronted with many strong opponents. The game also creates competitions and rankings so that everyone can compete and compete for the top position. There are also rewards that are the results of your battle, which are reset once a week. It is required to always improve the ability to keep his position.


Sound, Graphics

Game Mortal Kombat is designed in a classic style, but the images are always updated for the best quality. The effects of hits when touching the opponent are also shown thoroughly. The skillset that affects the enemy is also described by the image of broken bones causing internal damage. Everything makes players get the most authentic feeling when experiencing. Feel every attack of the warrior impact each other. Along with the fighting image are the sound sounds suitable for the situation, causing stimulation on both visual and auditory. Or the voice of each character creates its own characteristics with the temperament of the warriors.


Mortal Kombat MOD is a version created specifically for phones, which has been designed with some additional features. You will have for yourself the ability to increase damage for each attack to easily destroy the opponent. Or skills in the game every time you use them, they will have to consume corresponding energy, so they will be limited. But with the unlimited skill mod, your character will have infinite mana that can continuously use the skill. So every match the winning rate is increased, and the warrior you control will no longer have an opponent. Aim to be a champion that achieves high results in every match.

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