My Child Lebensborn Mod APK 2.0.108 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/11/2023
My Child Lebensborn Mod APK 2.0.108 (Unlimited Money)
Name My Child Lebensborn
Version v2.0.108
Size 120MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Sarepta Studio


Our country has gone through many wars. The consequences that it brings are extremely severe. You are a patriot who wants to help and explore the consequences of war. My Child Lebensborn Mod will help you see that clearly. Inspired by ancient wars. But wars are not included. It recreates the aftermath of the war. Specifically, those consequences are depicted through the process of raising a boy whose childhood was spent in war. You need to do your best to help the boy through the situation. Reset life more beautifully. Everything will be told through this tragic game.

Download My Child Lebensborn Mod – Addictive puzzle simulation gameplay

Deliver a well-designed story. With a story full of meaning and humanity. My Child Lebensborn Mod has simple mechanics and gameplay. With choices and results. Behind your choice are details worth exploring and feeling it. Need to show altruistic strategies to get a happy ending. Content transmission is extremely powerful. Because it so faithfully reflects the heartache that wars bring. However, the game is different from the rest. Thanks to the creative gameplay.My Child Lebensborn Mod

My Child Lebensborn Mod can make you obsessed with a meaningful and emotional stories. From war. There, a child grew up in a hostile environment. Need to be healed by love. The game allows you to transform into a father or mother. To adopt orphans. It takes a wise strategy to balance time and resources. Ensure the best conditions for your child. Uncover the secrets of the boy’s past.

Ensure the needs of the child

At the beginning of My Child Lebensborn Mod, there will be a character selection. You can choose Klaus / Karin depending on your gender to start your story right away. Throughout the game, the task is to make logical choices for each of the pre-built questions. Through which the basic needs of the child can be met. You can do these things for your child. Like eating, resting, going to school, and playing… To have food for your children, you need to work to earn money. After that, I will cook and feed myself. If he needs to rest or go to the bathroom, help him do it. The demand bubbles are clearly shown on the screen. If they decrease and become red, they need to be pushed back quickly to ensure their health and well-being.tai My Child Lebensborn Mod

In My Child Lebensborn Mod, you need to trade off many things. For example, if you want to earn extra money to buy baby food. In return, you will not have much time to take care of and play with the child. And vice versa if you spend more time with the child. In order to improve the baby’s happiness index, it will not be possible to guarantee food and utensils. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between working and taking care of the child. To bring the most comfortable life. Don’t focus too much on one thing and miss the other. However, besides the need of eating and playing. It is necessary to ensure the learning of the child. Confiding, talking a lot to feel the hidden suffering in the boy’s heart.

Discover the truth behind everything

In My Child Lebensborn Mod for the boy to go to school. But will always be ridiculed and violent by classmates. The thing to do now is to talk to the boy about what happened at school. Comfort in its own way. If the boy trusts him, he will not hesitate to share everything. There will be many stories to be revealed. Leads you from one surprise to another. However, anything will affect the baby. So the game puts a lot of emphasis on solving situations that bring beautiful endings. Together with the right choices wisely can unfold the important event in the story.Game My Child Lebensborn Mod

Overview of My Child Lebensborn Mod is a simulation game full of meaning and heartbreak. Offers innovative gameplay and stunning 3D graphics. Along with that, we have the Mod feature, which helps a lot for players. Now you won’t have to worry about food and clothing anymore. You can freely shop for the best things, the most delicious food for the boy. You can spend a lot of time taking care of and confiding like a mother with her child. Let your child open up, and reveal all the things that have been hidden for so long. Be ready to face possible situations in the story. You need to make the right decisions to become a model parent.

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